Arup kicks off standardization efforts with multipurpose BIM room in Boston using Cyviz Easy Platform

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Engineering is a complex process and Arup, the global consulting firm, needed a way to bring their resources together. They wanted to use digital tools and drawings in their collaboration sessions to improve decision-making and discussions around complex construction challenges. Arup’s mission is to help clients solve large, complex construction challenges by harnessing its diverse skills to constantly expand what is technically possible. The company has an ongoing need to demonstrate to its clients how their concepts and designs will look, which includes viewing plans and graphics in considerable detail.

Effective collaboration is key at Arup, and allows the expertise of each member of Arup’s multidisciplinary project teams to be combined for better decision-making. Such collaboration is often best done on large displays, using sophisticated AV technology. This facilitates the creation of optimal design and construction plans, so the company can meet – and exceed – client expectations. Arup was on the look for a new multipurpose room in their Boston offices. A room that would become the perfect seamless canvas for immersive and multidisciplinary collaboration and BIM (Building Information Modelling) applications. Cyviz’ stood out with its standardization offer as it allowed users to have a consistent user experience and centralized IT support. The standardized turnkey solution Cyviz proposed for Arup’s Boston office consisted of a display solution with three projectors, blended to create one large seamless image, together with a control and management system, supported through a centralized server.

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