Case Study: AMK Sunnmore

A best-practice implementation of emergency response facilities at Acute Medical Command Central in Ålesund, Norway.


“We were looking for technologies that could support our workflows in a way that was easy, secure and stable. Cyviz does all that, but the new platform has also opened up for improving workflows in ways we didn’t envision when the project was started.” – Hans Olav Ose, Emergency Response Manager

AMK Sunnmore, part of the hospital in Ålesund, Norway, responds to the region’s 113 emergency number. The AMK — or Acute Medical Command Central — is a 24/7 operation that coordinates medical resources and ambulance services by car, helicopter and plane.

In November 2014, The AMK conducted a comprehensive upgrade of its facilities and is now one of a handful of world class emergency response centers. The newly upgraded center includes Cyviz systems for the AMK, as well as its two emergency response rooms.

In hectic, mission-critical environments, technology must support tasks in the most efficient way. Likewise, in the AMK decisions must be made fast and based on the best available information. To facilitate this, the new Cyviz-powered AMK was built around key governing principles to provide the following:

Elevated room ergonomics – Large seamless displays provide enhanced readability for operators, decision makers and observers.
Ease of use – Operators intuitively manage content on the screens dynamically or according to predefined workflows.
Freedom in managing data sources – Operators can control and share information in an interactive way to support decision making in critical situations. They can do this within each room and between the AMK and its two emergency response rooms.
Standardized, high-quality technology platform – Standardization ensures 24/7 stability and efficient and sustained post-installation technical and user support.
System Design

The AMK Sunnmore emergency response suite has three rooms: the AMK with a Cyviz F304, a large emergency response room with a Cyviz F204, and a small emergency response room with a Cyviz F103. To ensure optimized utilization of resources, the emergency response rooms are also designed to work well as regular meeting rooms when available.

All three rooms are connected to the same system which means that all participants have possible access to the same information (depending on access rights) from any room. Users can also actively send information to another room as part of a decision process.

From the emergency response room (below), hospital management and other essential parties can follow an event coordinated by the AMK, and also add other relevant sources to the display wall like news stations, maps and live feeds. From here, management can obtain relevant facts of a situation and then instruct AMK operators accordingly.


Both emergency response rooms may also be used as standard meeting rooms. This will increase utilization of the rooms and add value to other parts of the operation, thus improving the overall return on investment. When either of the rooms is set to “meeting room mode,” users will not have access to sensitive sources or content that is security graded.

AMK Backbone

All technology for the AMK and its two emergency response rooms is mounted in two 42U 19” equipment racks (see below). Components include primary sources for each room, video processing, matrix switcher, Cyviz control system and video codecs.

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