Case Study: Pharmaceutical

A large North Eastern US pharmaceutical company had a complex challenge creating satisfactory collaboration environments for their disparate research and development facilities.

The display gave the company employees the ability to work together, utilizing Cyviz Collaborative Telepresence to its full potential.

Case Study Overview

Our Client had used stereo 3d for a number of years on high-end UNIX workstations, but their research had been growing increasingly complex and was being flooded with data on various infections and diseases. How could viewing of 3d data become a better, collaborative process; which in turn had the potential to enable higher quality downstream diagnosis and prescriptions for healthcare professionals and their patients, worldwide?


The solution came by way of the F102 stereo 3d visualization display. The large-format screen combines amazing image quality, multiple-source handling, telepresence capabilities, and data sharing in one, seamless image. Both real-time and stored images can be viewed simultaneously from multiple sources to create the ultimate collaborative experience. Hence the scientists were provided the tools to view up-close the complex, multidimensional nature of drug and protein interaction, from the comfort of their conference rooms. This in turn enabled faster and more accurate research, and thus the potential to for instance speed the development for important drugs.


The display gave the company employees the ability to work together as one group, utilizing Cyviz Collaborative Telepresence to its full extent and potential. This was an important improvement of internal research and development processes and illustrates clearly how an investment in the right tools can release otherwise hidden potential.

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