Case Study: Volvo Group

The World’s largest design wall installed at Volvo Group Göteborg, Sweden.

The most impressive design wall in automotive research and development.

Case Study Overview

Volvo Group chose technology from Cyviz to obtain the most impressive design wall in automotive research and development, to date. The full solution was delivered by Nanco Data.

In order to further improve design of their new generation of trucks, Volvo Group has installed a 7 by 5 meter wall at their design centre in Göteborg. The wall features 16 edge-blended projectors that delivers in excess of 15 megapixels on one seamless screen. The wall will enable Volvo to view new truck models in a photo-realistic, 1:1 format.

Cyviz technology was selected by Volvo after a thorough evaluation process, and in fierce competition with other display technology manufacturers. The governing principles behind our R1616 model were emphasized when making the decision. In addition, extremely high resolution, edge-blending capabilities and uniformity in colours and brightness across the screen were all key decision factors in this process.

Nanco Data was selected for their credibility and experience in delivering complete solutions. Nanco oversaw and managed the full installation of PC clusters from Dell, FX 4500 graphics board from Nvidia, design software from Realtime Technology as well as the Cyviz’ own R1616.

About Nanco Data AB

NANCO DATA AB is the major provider in Scandinavia of products and services for the design-industry. Nanco are resellers of both hardware and software and offer support, training and consultancy to secure maximum customer satisfaction. With over fifteen years in the business, they possess unprecedented expertise and competence.


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