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Innovation center, Åndalsnes, Norway

Fuelling local innovation in Åndalsnes to ignite innovation, create connections, and inspire growth throughout a small Norwegian community.

“We wanted the most future-proof solution in the market. With integrated Virtual Reality solutions and offering many possible use cases and options on how and what data the end user wishes to share or visualize, were deciding factors,” says the Managing Director at PartnerPlast and Board member of Romsdal Innovasjon, Tom Samuelsen.

Friday the 29 March, 2019, the innovation center on the Norwegian west coast was inaugurated. Utrøna Innovation center will be a vital point of connection for the local and regional business as well as research institutions, the academic world, founders and startups.  At the innovation center the users work with business development across industries and companies, and effectively use the relevant domain knowledge available in the region. Cyviz’ technology will make an important difference to the collaboration effectiveness and development activities at the center.

Long experience from innovation center design

Cyviz has a long track record of installations and design work related to innovation centers for large enterprises and organizations around the world. Cyviz’ solutions are developed to enable sharing of content, advanced visualization and and collaboration, and with the versatile architecture of the system, it is perfect for these kinds of projects.

The focus on a standardized platform and user-friendly operation of the systems, Cyviz helps to create meeting spaces where ground-breaking ideas, innovation, research and product development can flourish. These were fundamental requirements when building the innovation center in Åndalsnes.

We wanted to build an innovation hub that puts the most advanced technology to use and lets users experience how that can contribute to more fruitful innovation processes. Environmental concerns and priorities, the circular economy and digitalization will all be part of the future. Cyviz’ solution is designed to take that into consideration and is built to operationalize the use of new applications and content.

Tom Samuelsen

A robust and user-friendly solution

As a part of the innovation center’s facilities, Cyviz has designed a multipurpose auditorium and a collaboration room for meetings, presentations and VR/AR applications. The solutions can visualize applications and simulations, that play an important role for product development projects. Another important component is the ability to engage with teams and resources around the region or in other remote locations. The video conferencing system is seamlessly allowing you to share content and interact, regardless of your physical location.

The innovation center has multiple tenants in addition to offering co-working space for founders and startups. It means that the users and needs are many, and demands a very simple and intuitive way to operate the system. To assure uptime and availability of the systems, a server application was added to provide remote support and anticipate any potential outage.

The solution

The solution delivered by Cyviz is robust and easy to use. It is intuitive to operate and built on the Cyviz Easy Platform. It has a standardized IT-driven architecture and that is in use across the world at multiple large organizations.

Anunatak, BDO, PartnerPlast, Trygt veiarbeid, Adv. Wold & Co, Nordveggen, Romsdalen Innovasjon, Lillebakk Engineering, Grande, Trollstigen Drift and PWC are some of the tenants at Innovasjonssenteret in Åndalsnes.

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