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Renewable Energy Control Room positions TrønderEnergi for further growth.

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TrønderEnergi had a clear vision for their new Control Room – a future-proof, standardized solution capable of adapting to significant business growth. Their Control Room outside of Trondheim, Norway, is one of the most modern of its kind in the Nordics, built for collaboration and extensive security requirements.


Wind power in Norway

According to the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway has the highest share of electricity produced from renewable sources in Europe and the lowest emissions from the power sector. The sector is currently witnessing a marked shift towards wind power. In 2020, wind power accounted for 6.4 percent of Norway’s total electricity production, a proportion that is growing every year and is experiencing the highest levels of investment in the energy sector. Today there are a total of 53 wind farms in Norway making up 10 percent of the total production capacity.

In line with this trend, TrønderEnergi’s renewable power production has doubled in volume in recent years, a much greater increase than has been seen in 40 years of energy production. This has been through both the acquisition or establishment of more wind farms and from managing wind farms of others as a service. More wind farms are being built to meet targets to double wind energy production over the next two years.


Next-generation energy management

Not only are the sources of energy production changing but how energy is managed is transforming too. With more operations sensors and other data sources in place, energy-related data and information are more readily available and more voluminous. The frequency of trading and pricing data updates is increasing and changes in energy production can be responded to more rapidly. Exploiting this data to manage energy production and trading better offers great opportunities but often requires new tools, systems, and the modernization of existing solutions.

Operation Center by Cyviz

Investing in the future to become a leading Nordic energy company

The power industry is regulated to ensure production and associated infrastructure are safe and secure. Every power producer in Norway must adhere to national regulations from the Norwegian Energy Regulatory Authority. This entails having an adequate power supply, backup and redundancy to ensure continuous operation 24/7. Additionally, physical security measures and extensive information security requirements must be met. These requirements add a layer of complexity to the modernization of systems and data collection, storage and analysis. To address these data opportunities, changing energy sources and sustain their planned growth, TrønderEnergi is investing in digitalization, automation, and collaboration capabilities. A significant area of this investment to date has been a transformation of the Control Room to create a modern operations center. This gives TrønderEnergi the capabilities required to support their future growth in wind power, exploit ever-increasing data collection and meet their security needs in an increasingly digital world.

A diligent process to identify the best solution

TrønderEnergi had a clear vision for their new operations center – a future-proof, standardized solution capable of adapting to significant business growth. They used a thorough process to identify the best possible solution for their needs. They initiated an internal project and partnered with an experienced design company, Variant, as a first step in the process. The initial design process involved employees directly and developed project requirements through engagement with the whole business. A key requirement was the need for systems to be scalable so that more operators, applications or systems could be added easily. The leadership team also took the time to benchmark solutions against leading industries, such as oil services, and visited different operations centers to understand how their requirements could best be met.

Operation Center by Cyviz

Partnering with a security specialist

After clearly defining their project scope, requirements and conducting extensive market research, TrønderEnergi chose their solution provider largely based on the key differentiator of security. Utilities and power production are critical national infrastructure and therefore, the security and availability of the solution were of utmost importance to TrønderEnergi. Cyviz’ track record delivering to American defense customers with the highest security requirements demonstrated proven capabilities in this domain and was a tipping point in selecting Cyviz as a partner. Furthermore, Cyviz offered unique cross-domain knowledge ranging across IT, security, infrastructure, and design. Once selected, Cyviz worked closely with TrønderEnergi to design and deliver a solution that met their requirements. Namely, a modern, standardized Control Room that protected the critical infrastructure, meeting national security regulations, that utilized data to improve workflows and that enabled effective collaboration across locations.

About TrønderEnergi

TrønderEnergi is a focused renewable energy company generating sustainable energy from the Trøndelag region in Norway. Their renewable energy solutions, using wind and hydro, contribute to the reduction of CO2 in line with the goals of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Almost 6 TWh of power is generated yearly from the 19 hydropower plants and 13 wind farms operated by TrønderEnergi before the end of 2021. The energy production is managed and optimized in a 24/7 Control Room outside Trondheim. The Control Room monitors turbines delivering hydro and wind power. These are monitored and controlled remotely, with wind farms and hydropower plants often located in hard-to-reach locations. TrønderEnergi is an ambitious organization investing to transform their business and operations to boost growth and support energy transition. Their vision is to transition from a traditional, regional energy company to a forward-looking provider of renewables across the Nordics.

Operational centers & Control rooms by Cyviz

Robust and multipurpose solutions built for use in secure, mission-critical environments, such as command & control, integrated operations centers, security & network operations centers, and emergency and crisis management rooms.

More about Cyviz Control Rooms

System specification

• Cyviz Display Model P817
• Cyviz Easy Controller X
• Cyviz Easy Server
• Cyviz Easy Connect
• Content sources: Room PC, HDMI Laptop connection

TronderEnergy Operations Center Norway

Designing optimal workflows and processes

As part of the project, TrønderEnergi seized the opportunity to redesign Control Room workflows and processes. The operators directly influenced workflow designs and were consulted throughout, resulting in a dynamic workspace with flexible solutions. Simple things have made daily work easier, like moving between systems using the same keyboard and mouse. The operators can now manage the different tasks without changing desks or workstations. “The operator work-life has truly changed. The improvements of the work environment range from the quality of audio to the physical space” says Cecilie S. Arnemo, the Manager of the Control Room and operations. Changing workflows has made information available across teams and workstations. Using pre-defined scenarios for emergencies such as flooding, and fire enables the team to manage any incident using the adjacent crisis management room. This room is connected to all information sources, making it possible to feed information and data as needed for the particular scenario.

Daily dynamic collaboration and sharing of resources

The 100-kilometer distance between the Control Room in Berkåk, and the TrønderEnergi headquarters in Trondheim can be challenging for collaboration and problem-solving. Most experts are based in the headquarters and are consulted by operators to analyze and review issues or aid in solving problems. The installation of videoconferencing as part of the solution has enabled an easy way to share content and information from the Control Room to other locations and make informed decisions whatever the location. The Control Room leader can now hold daily meetings with the team through video with a direct view of the operations and manage the team from any location. With the project taking place during the Coronavirus pandemic, collaboration tools were particularly important. Hilde Landsem, Executive Vice President Energy Management, explains as the pandemic hit, the remote collaboration access to the Control Room was critical. For security measures, we restricted physical access and the interaction with the Control Room operators had to be managed from a distance. I am pleased to say that new facilities made that feasible.

TronderEnergy Norway

“As the pandemic hit, the remote collaboration access to the Control Room was critical. For security measures, we restricted physical access and the interaction with the Control Room operators had to be managed from a distance.”

– Hilde Landsem, Executive Vice President Energy Management.


“The operator work-life has truly changed.”  

– Cecilie S. Arnemo, Control Room Manager

Stable, reliable systems and happy operators

The Control Room’s new systems were installed and delivered on time and have demonstrated to be stable and reliable. The operators working in the Control Room were closely involved in the design process, and the positive results and feedback from operators so far are compelling. After the Control Room solution went live, other enhancements have added value to the operators and the management. With Cyviz’ easily configurable and upgradeable system, it was possible to do a swift upgrade as Microsoft enabled full integration of Microsoft Teams with Cisco Codecs for example. The systems upgrade was seamless and did not impact operations.

One of the most modern energy Control Rooms in the Nordics

TrønderEnergi now boasts one of the most innovative and modern operations centers in the Nordics. As they set out to modernize legacy systems and processes, they quickly went from basic monitoring to advanced technology applications built for scalability, efficiency gains and collaboration. By combining the needs of operators, cross-functional and specialist teams, the final solution delivered on all of their requirements.

What next?

In 2020 alone, TrønderEnergi added four new wind farms to their portfolio, in addition to the existing nine windfarms with TrønderEnergi ownership. With the significant growth in wind power and the projected growth in solar energy, they can now offer a much-needed asset for power production, management, and trading with their ultra-modern Control Room. At TrønderEnergi, digitalization of processes will continue and with continued investment in the latest technologies, an in-house Artificial Intelligence (AI) team, and partnerships with system vendors, research institutions and universities like the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, there are still many more opportunities to explore.

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