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Flexible Common Operational Picture

A new generation of common operational picture – a Flexible Common Operational Picture (FCOP) needs to be created for different mission requirements or for cyber incidents due to their ever-changing nature.

Scenario switching using presets

The dynamic approach automatically computes the user’s requirements for the environment and the mission to deliver the right common operational picture for that user and that particular mission.


Computer sources from different networks and security classifications can be securely connected to the system, so content from multiple sources can be combined into an optimal representation of mission-critical information.

High-performance visualization

The way images and content will be displayed, and their resolution could make the difference between life or death in mission critical environments.

Future-proof solutions

Dynamic control room solutions must be application-agnostic, standardized and configurable to stand the test of time, regardless of changing underlying technology.

Agile installation and maintenance

Command & Control centers must maintain 100% uptime especially during real-world operations but also when executing planned exercises.

Examples of Cyviz dynamic control rooms and operation centers


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