Control Room Summit Dubai & Riyadh

The control room is changing, demanding new thinking and new solutions to fit the future requirements.  In the Middle East we see new applications and use cases, from how to do regular monitoring to the creation of collaborative workspaces where processes and workflows are being optimised. To help customers navigate the new requirements, we are inviting stakeholders to Control Room Summits in Dubai and Riyadh. We will share insights and trends, as well as hands on demonstrations and discussions with peers. This is an opportunity review what to keep in mind when specifying your room. The summits will support you based on where you are in the process:

  • Planning to build a new operations center for the future
  • Have a control room in use today that is getting old and dated
  • Never thought about needing a space for monitoring and overseeing operations – this is the time to explore how it can be done

Pairing the above with your needs could help you to recognize yourself in the below statements:

  • I have high ambitions for the ultimate space to monitor, engage and collaborate, to increase agility and response times
  • My room isn’t working at all, my operators hate it when I put them on their 10h shift
  • All my people work on their laptop and then we gather in a room to make decisions and discuss situations, we don’t really use a control room

There is good news for all of you, command & control technology is advancing rapidly and the solutions of today can stand the test of time and deliver the desired outcome in the most demanding circumstances.

The reality of monitoring and situational awareness

What we know is that customers in every industry have more data and information than ever to manage and get insights from. We also live in a world with much more mobility, thus people will not be in the same place at the same (or right) time. The one thing that isn’t new, but equally a deciding factor, is the mission-critical role of these operations centers where downtime is unacceptable.

When scoping your new operations center or command & control room you should consider:

  • How to take faster and more informed decisions?
  • How to stay productive in every step of the process?
  • How to enable collaboration between multi-disciplinary and dispersed teams?
  • How to maximize the value of investments (in software, tools and technology)?

The legacy control room is static and single-purpose, whereas the future spaces of this sort is dynamic, can add remote resources, and can be used for different purposes beyond monitoring. The ability to dynamically repurpose content and sources will help the operators to accommodate any current needs, such as responding to an incident or drilling down into complex data or applications to resolve a real-time problems.

The spaces used for operations centers and control rooms have extensive requirements for secure connectivity, and for 24/7 operations. No downtime is accepted in the mission-critical rooms. With facilities managers driven to keep cost down, the need to plan operations centers carefully to accommodate the needs of the operators and at the same time the needs of the business, are challenging.

Learn more about the Dynamic control room

Cyviz delivers end-to-end services to help you scope the best solution for your needs and we will act as your strategic partner for design and delivery. We have a presence in the Middle East with local teams and we can offer a full experience of the Cyviz solutions in Riyadh and Dubai. We also have many reference customers who you can engage with to learn more.



Dubai, 8th & 9th of October
Dubai Internet City
Office Park 116
Building C, 3rd floor
Dubai, UAE


Riyadh, 29th October
Tamkeen Tower
19th Floor
King Fahad Road
Yasmeen Area
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia