The Dynamic control room

A new approach to managing incidents and adding speed and accuracy to decision-making.

In a world with a decentralized digital workforce with more data than ever, there is a need to change the approach to decision-making. Situational awareness and the design of control rooms and operations centers are now more critical than ever.

Control rooms will have to adapt to these new demands, making space for a new generation of control rooms and operations centers. Introducing, the dynamic control room – the best approach to move away from a static and single-purpose legacy control room. The room will have to be turned into a dynamic and multipurpose space where the physical and the virtual worlds can co-exist. This new dynamic control room will become indispensable in helping organizations manage incidents, improve speed and accuracy of decision-making, and mobilize the workforce when a crisis hits.

Our controlled environments support continuous 24/7 operations and are designed for multi-level security requirements with secure multi-parallel video channels and video conference integration.

Cyviz control rooms are configured with the highest standards for performance and security


Security and network operations centers


Integrated operation centers


Energy control rooms


Emergency response and crisis management


Surveillance and monitoring


Command & Control for the defense


Adhering to advanced security requirements

We take security seriously – and know you do too. The Cyviz team has extensive experience in design, installation and deployment of the Cyviz Solutions within secure environments. Our solutions comply with the one-way-only video distribution and processing requirements found in environments with multiple security levels. Content from one security level can never be accessed from sources on a lower security level. Computer sources from different networks and with security classifications can be securely connected to the system so content from multiple sources can be combined into an optimal representation of mission-critical information, through one-way video to the wall.


With a tried-and-tested execution and implementation.
Cyviz has delivered control rooms and operation centers
for customers around the world.

Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology
Lockheed Martin
Navy Warfare Development Command
Neptune Energy

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