Cyviz announced as key partner of AI research hub in Norway

Smart Innovation Norway is launching a new hub and community for applied Artificial Intelligence in Halden, Norway. Together with regional stakeholders and key institutions, the research and innovation player Smart Innovation Norway is forming an AI hub to position Norwegian companies for the future in this field.

With AI becoming increasingly relevant in many different contexts, and with investments in research and development escalating, Smart Innovation is helming the initiative that will help Norway to become an AI nation of the future. The majority of companies in the new hub are, in one way or the other, working with AI or in related areas. As a matter a fact, all industries will be able to benefit on artificial intelligence applications in the future.

Cyviz has recently been a part of Innovation Norway’s investments in AI clusters in London, and the engagement with Smart Innovation Norway has involved visualization and collaboration solutions. The  visualization of data is becoming more important as a consequence of the amounts of data and tools that are available today. It also impacts the tasks that humans are performing, making them more complex and multidimensional to complement what machines and artificial intelligence can deliver. Thus, collaboration and visualization solutions will be required to display data and information and to engage with it to make decisions and analyze problems.

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As for any new technology (such as AI), the infrastructure and the application of such technology requires infrastructure and measures to fulfil the potential.

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