Cyviz at AFCEA TechNet Augusta 2021, August 16-19

Come and talk to Cyviz at TechNet Augusta 2021. As leaders in the design and delivery of integrated, dynamic, and secure operations centers delivering 24/7 situational awareness and supporting mission critical collaboration.
Hear how we are delivering to the most demanding customers, focusing on mission-critical use cases where complex scenarios require supreme situational awareness. We design and deliver the visual aid and the user experience, required to empower security teams to identify, detect, protect and respond to cyber threats in real time.
The IT-driven turnkey solutions are easy to deploy, manage and support, driven by the Cyviz Easy Software platform, a standardised, configurable, and upgradeable infrastructure that delivers an intuitive and consistent user experience and provides a centralised foundation for support and management.
Visit our solution demonstrations and see how our flexible and intuitive technology helps building spaces where data and information can be visualized, analyzed and interpreted to keep organizations safe.
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