Cyviz presents the Dynamic control room at the ICCRA congress, December 10-12 in London

Cyviz, Thinklogical and Norxe successfully participated in the 2018 I/ITSEC show in Orlando, FL. The show focuses on Military Training and Simulation and showcased everything from simulation software to individual training stations for all branches of the military. The Cyviz solution showcased a Training and Simulation Operations Center (TSOC) whereby multiple simulation sources were displayed on an 8-Megapixel solid state blended display wall meant for 24/7 operation. The various multi-classification (Nipr, Sipr, JWICS) simulation sources where displayed in a Flexible Common Operational Picture (FCOP), and could be dynamically moved in real-time on the screen for supreme situational awareness to enhance the training experience.

The TSOC also included a single KVM from multiple classifications with the EAL4 Thinklogical non-blocking fibre video matrix demonstrating the ability to send sources to any destination whether they are to the main display wall, to operator targets or to an external location. Cyviz is a manufacturer of and a premier solution provider for multi-classification operations centers and collaborative meeting rooms for the Federal Government, Federal System Integrators and commercial applications. Using Cyviz solutions provide dynamic and flexible environments and allows for more powerful decision-making.

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