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Cyviz Environmental Policy

At Cyviz, sustainability is core to our DNA – concern for the environment and those around us is a priority in all business activities, we not only try to protect the world’s resources but our own health, safety, and future.

We strive to go above and beyond compliance with our environmental commitments. With our efforts translating into a broad programme of business and environmental processes and activities incorporated into every step of our business cycle.

Our initiatives are focused on realising a low carbon, recycling based and naturally symbiotic society and sustainable business practices.

Our Environmental Charter states Cyviz’s commitment to reducing environmental burden:

  • Implement practical environmental management systems which continuously improve business processes in line with our sustainability aspirations.
  • Actively promote and enable energy and resource conservation throughout business activities and processes.
  • Positively encourage the reduction of carbon footprints for staff travel by providing facilities for bicycle storage, charging points for electric cars at our offices and incentives for the utilization of public transport.
  • From procurement of resource to delivery of products, actively focus on resources and services which offer environmental benefits and negate environmental impact.
  • Continuously assess and review the environmental impact of all product lifecycles with the view to highlight and implement new or improved ways to reduce environmental burden.
  • Encourage an open and healthy corporate culture in which the environmental awareness of employees and customers enables effective initiatives at both business and personal levels.
  • Maintain a close relationship with governments, local communities and other interested parties as well as complying with all laws and guidelines of all regions in which we operate.
  • Actively disclose information on environmental burden and environmental programmes to all stakeholders, both internal and external, and keep them updated on all progress made by Cyviz.


Last updated: February 2023