Data is the lifeblood of a smart city and there is a huge opportunity to increase and improve services to the inhabitants and the general public with data insights. Data capture and storage is only the beginning of the process, the next level is to make the data available and to analyze, across departments, between organizations, and in the broader community. Cyviz partners with TIBCO at IISMEX 2019 to provide solutions for Big Data efficient management for smart cities.

Come see us at booth #L060

We will show you how our Dynamic control room solution can replace the old static approach and allow the digital workforce to engage with real-time data, manage always-on communication channels and keep up with the pace of technology innovation. The demand for a flexible and agile workspace that allows employees to work more efficiently and better leverage company tools and data is more important than ever.

The Dynamic control room by Cyviz is a multipurpose solution that is ideal for operations centers and control rooms combining crisis and daily operations. It is an agile solution that optimizes space based on the current needs, so your control room can be used when the crisis hit as well as for daily operations and monitoring.

Visit the IISMEX homepage to learn more about the Jakarta event.


Come and listen to our breakout session

Cyviz and TIBCO will be speaking at the breakout sessions together with the Indonesian National Police (POLRI), Big Data and AI Association (ABDI) and Indonesian Security Profession Association (APSI) in discussing smart security for public facilities. How to asses, plan and secure the cities’ physical and digital assets using smart technologies and digital infrastructures.

Make sure to pencil in Wednesday 17 July 14:00 – 16.00 at Assembly, TPP 1. 


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