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Innovation centers and dynamic meeting room solutions for global enterprises

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Corporate and Enterprises

Enhancing decision-making with visual and dynamic meeting rooms, board rooms and executive briefing centres.

Technology will play a key role as businesses adjust to hybrid working practices and return to work. We aim to provide frictionless and equitable meeting room experiences to all attendees regardless of location, enhance remote decision-making and collaboration, and improve productivity. We deliver the optimum infrastructure and solutions together with a centralized support and monitoring platform, ensuring success.


Is your businesses looking for a competitive edge with next level collaboration?

Using technology and digital solutions to strengthen brand and deliver innovative customer experiences is becoming increasingly common. Innovations centers, customer experience centers and multi-functional meeting rooms are tools that can bring a competitive edge to customer conversations. Visualization is becoming increasingly important, with assets and tools that are enhanced with graphical interfaces and power human intellect.

Collaboration Rooms

Pixel perfect image, secure video conferencing, movable Pictures in Pictures and endless content sources. This is more than a meeting room, it is where effective and intelligent collaboration happens.

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With Cyviz, meetings start on time and always work. Predictable, easy to use and integrated with all Enterprise Unified Communication platforms: Cyviz technology delivers the most efficient boardroom in town.

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High-end Meeting Rooms

Stunning meeting rooms designed for the most demanding organizations with cutting-edge technology.

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Multipurpose Rooms

Our rooms are versatile and can change working modes at the touch of a button with customized presets. Turn your boardroom into a training room, into a brainstorming room, or into a war room. It is truly multipurpose.

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Innovation Centers

Technology is shaping the future of businesses. No longer bound by four walls, knowledge transcends geographical borders and disciplines at the speed of light, easing business processes along the way.

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Case studies: Financial & Professional Services

Innovation Centers

Microsoft Technology Centers

Supporting a collaborative experience at Microsoft. Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) are a sales acceleration asset for top enterprise customers. It’s an established program – both one of the highest profile, and the longest-running at Microsoft. Read how Cyviz is delivering an impactful and high-value collaborative experience for enterprise customers in the Microsoft Technology Centers to […]

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Innovation Centers

DeKalb Office

DeKalb Office opens Client Experience Center to deliver innovative workplaces that foster creativity, collaboration and active participation. The showroom in Atlanta, Georgia, is used for client engagements and to deliver experiences. The experience center supports the design process when developing new office space and work environments for large corporations across the country.  DeKalb Office has […]

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Meeting Rooms

Arup Boston

Engineering is a complex process and Arup, the global consulting firm, needed a way to bring their resources together. They wanted to use digital tools and drawings in their collaboration sessions to improve decision-making and discussions around complex construction challenges. Arup’s mission is to help clients solve large, complex construction challenges by harnessing its diverse […]

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Innovation Centers

Innovation center, Åndalsnes, Norway

Fuelling local innovation in Åndalsnes to ignite innovation, create connections, and inspire growth throughout a small Norwegian community. “We wanted the most future-proof solution in the market. With integrated Virtual Reality solutions and offering many possible use cases and options on how and what data the end user wishes to share or visualize, were deciding […]

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We have worked with some of the best companies in the world, helping them with advanced visualization and next level collaboration.

Executive meeting rooms

The way we meet is changing. Hybrid working, multipurpose use and dynamic interactions. In room or virtual experiences delivering decision intelligence.

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