Corporate governance & Sustainability

Corporate governance policy

Cyviz’ corporate governance policy intends to minimize risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect the interest of shareholders and employees. Cyviz seeks to comply with the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance, whereas the roles of shareholders, the board, and the management team are responsible for the optimal management of the business. A report on corporate governance will be included in the annual reports.

IR policy & communications

Cyviz’ regular communication to the market includes annual and quarterly reports and presentations, immediate reporting of important events through timely announcements to the market, investor meetings, complies with the requirements for listing on Euronext Growth Exchange.

Communication with shareholders

Cyviz seeks to engage in an open and continuous dialogue with participants in the financial markets. Regulatory releases are disseminated broadly through a network of newswires, on Oslo Børs’ service, the company’s website, and by email to subscribers. Other channels of information are annual and quarterly reports, meetings with investors and analysts, and participation at conferences. Presentations used in meetings with individual investors shall not be materially different from those previously presented on the Group’s home pages. Nor should individual investors be given verbal information that is not shared with the overall market.


Written communication from Cyviz will be in English. Presentations and meetings will normally be held in English.

Points of contact

The Company’s CEO and CFO (whereas the CFO is also Investor relations responsible) are Cyviz’ points of contact towards the financial market.

Silent period

During the last three weeks prior to the publication of interim financial reports, special care with regards to the information provided should be shown, and the company’s representatives will during this period refrain from discussing the Company’s performance and prospects with analysts, investors, media or others.


Cyviz defines its members of the Board, management and senior executives as primary insiders of the company.




Corporate and operational structure

corporate structure


Cyviz is actively addressing sustainable development goals

Video conferencing directly contributing to reduced emissions

  • A round-trip from London to New York generates ~1 MT CO2 per passenger
  • WWF estimates that the constant improvement of video conferencing facilities could reduce global emissions by 1 bn MT p.a. by 2030

Source: World Wildlife Fund Source: United Nations 

Cyviz’ contribution

  • Increased safety through less travel, less physical presence at operations and higher quality of operations
  • Increased life quality through higher satisfaction at the workplace due to less travel and better communication
  • Reduced waste by providing high quality and upgradable long-life solutions with superior cost of ownership metrics

sustainable development goals

Investor relations contacts

Marius Skagen

CFO & Investor relations

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