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3 steps to maximize the ROI of collaboration technology

The right collaboration technology has many benefits, but only when it is used to its full potential. When companies use technology effectively, they see efficiency, collaboration, as well as the morale amongst employees going up. Powerful video conferencing with pixel-perfect resolution and crisp audio, dynamic content sharing and multipurpose spaces can enable an organization to make the working environment a far more appealing place to be. It also allows companies to work across locations and teams, and facilitates engagements with external partners and customers. Of course the best solutions and the most effective technology come at a price, so it is increasingly important for decision-makers to understand how the technology they agreed to fund is being utilized and how it can become a vector for further growth.

The path to get there can be broken down into 3 steps:

  1. Collect the data
  2. Use insights to take action
  3. Report to increase transparency

Better insights on collaboration ROI

We know that it can be a challenge for companies to demonstrate Return on Investment (ROI) for their IT investments and in particular their collaboration and visualization spaces. How do you know if these investments are being used to their full extent? How can organizations’ leaders access data on the utilization of their collaboration and meeting spaces? It can be hard to figure out how much room systems are in use, for what purpose, using what applications. A centralized management system can provide all that data and a ROI analysis, thus help identifying training needs for staff and support, and plan accurately the next room investments. Let me break it down for you and share how we at Cyviz do all of that.

The Cyviz Easy Server is a centralized management, monitoring and configuration application that creates the data points needed.  With a new module that we have just added for usage analytics, it can help you understand how your rooms are being used. As always, it is not the data itself that matters, but the insights you can get from it. It can for example provide information about training needs for the end users that can help increase usage. It can also tell you where the level of collaboration is within your organization and if the distribution of meetings during the day and week is even or needs to be optimized. The usage analytics can give you information about:

  • usage per day
  • average usage per day for a named space
  • average daily usage per week, month and year
  • average usage per weekday or hour of day

It is also possible to drill down further into details about video conferencing, content sharing sources, to make the analytics and insights even more powerful.

Understanding the user experience

Organizations invest in sophisticated collaboration technology, but they do not always have the tools to measure their end users’ experience, or if they are using the technology to its full capacity. So how do you know how the end users feel about the technology you provide in their daily work?

The Cyviz Easy Server also includes a feedback statistics module that helps monitoring the end user satisfaction by allowing users to rate their experience. With this module, it becomes easier for the Support team to map out changes in satisfaction patterns and track these back to issues with the rooms, or the overall functionality provided. The Support team can address and fix issues in real time, and managers can track scores by location and geographies on how employees are perceiving and using the technology they chose to invest in.

The end user experience is hugely important to track for organizations to:

  • increase employee (end user) satisfaction and retention
  • enable better business decisions
  • increase productivity
  • encourage collaboration


Learn more about the analytics and monitoring benefits of the Cyviz Easy Server >


[author] [author_image timthumb=’off’][/author_image] [author_info]Evodie Fleury works as Product Marketing Manager at Cyviz. She has spent time working in technology across products, marketing and people for 6+ years.[/author_info] [/author]

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