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3 ways of improving user satisfaction in the meeting room and 3 ways of delighting the support team

How well collaboration technology works is closely linked to the user interface and how rooms or technology are operated. In other words, it means that as long as you don’t hear about user problems, it equals high end-user ratings. Getting there isn’t easy; it starts deep down in the design of your systems and managing those. With reliable and dependable collaboration technology support, users and support teams can focus on value-creation in other areas.

Let’s start with the core – the systems themselves:

  1. Build your solutions on proven and tested hardware and software. Not just component by component but ensure that these parts work together and have been tested before moving to a live production environment.
  2. The room controller interface needs to be super-simple. One rule here: if extensive user training is required, then it isn’t a good interface. If a manual in the room is needed in the shape of a piece of paper with step-by-step instructions, it isn’t intuitive enough. Add tips and tricks to the controller screen to make it easy to navigate any problems.
  3. Put automation to use by powering rooms up before the meeting starts, making it possible to start on time even when arriving late. Power down when not in use. And with integrated calendar bookings, one click is enough to kick off a scheduled meeting with the invited participants dialed in.

Taking the above into consideration will position you in a good place to ensure users are satisfied with your rooms and collaboration spaces.

Next, we shift perspective to see what can be done to delight the back-end team in charge of support and availability of rooms and systems.

  1. Detailed room equipment information and logs. The trick to both mitigation and resolution of issues is to have granular and detailed information to troubleshoot and analyze problems.
  2. Remote support capabilities are effective weapons to deliver timely and reliable support. The time saved by utilizing advanced remote diagnostics and direct access to the room controller is essential.
  3. A standardized room portfolio will get your support team to a heavenly place. With a standard set of components and common design principles, any issues can be resolved faster.

Cyviz has developed a platform designed to deliver a standardized, configurable, and upgradeable solution. The emphasis is on the user experience, which is closely linked to the management and support of rooms and collaboration systems. If the systems work as expected, the users will be able to focus on the activities in the room. The Global Support team at Cyviz utilizes the Easy management platform to support customers remotely. The remote access to touch panels and detailed logs will have a positive impact on user satisfaction. The management platform ensures that the first line of support can focus on user issues. The second or third line of support is equipped with the relevant information and appropriate tools to troubleshoot and resolve more complex problems.

“The Cyviz Easy Server platform enables our support team to resolve the majority of cases remotely with minimal downtime.”

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[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Colin Kennedy Fraser is the Head of Support and Services at Cyviz and delights customers on a daily basis.[/author_info] [/author]


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