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Cyviz Easy Connect is ready for Microsoft Edge

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Wireless sharing made Easy with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has announced it will launch its new Chromium based browser called Edge on January 15th 2020. Microsoft Edge runs on the same platform as Google’s Chrome and will be available on both Windows and MacOS. The new Microsoft Edge will replace older Microsoft browsers, and will quickly become the standard browser for professional users in most organizations and enterprises. Cyviz Easy Connect – an easy to use wireless connectivity solution is fully compatible with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Credit: Microsoft Edge Insider

What is Cyviz Easy Connect?

The biggest challenge with wireless connectivity is to make the experience easy, safe and secure. Cyviz Easy Connect has solved all these challenges in an elegant and simple manner. Easy Connect is a browser centric solution based on standard web technologies. It allows users to present content from computers in rooms controlled by a Cyviz Easy Controller. The Cyviz Easy Controller ensures that content is not shared on the wrong screen, by accident or intentionally. Multimedia is streamed using WebRTC, a standard protocol that offers a multitude of benefits. It supports complex network topologies, firewall traversal, secure connection and encryption of content. There is no need to pre-install software or connect a hardware dongle to use Cyviz Easy Connect. Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome will do the job.

Why wireless content sharing will change your meetings

Efficient meetings for multidisciplinary teams

Cyviz Easy Connect will enhance the value of your meetings by assuring the fastest and most secure way to get connected to the display and share content in the room and with external participants. The user-friendly approach means that no time is lost on managing cables and dongles, on getting accustomed to different technologies in different rooms. The meeting rooms are all consistent, and meetings can start within seconds. Teams across disciplines or geographies can share seamlessly multiple content sources and interact together on it for faster and better collaborative decision-making. Furthermore, the Cyviz Easy Server uses secure and non-intrusive technology, eliminating the need for cumbersome and lengthy instructions and passkeys on meeting room screens.

Personalized experiences

Seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange makes it easy for users to locate and connect to a room for safe and secure sharing. When logged in, Cyviz Easy Connect uses multiple techniques to predict where a user is, to reduce the time needed to get content presented on the correct display. Each user can bring its own personal operating system and preferences directly into the room without context switching.

Immersive experiences wherever you are

A unique benefit of Cyviz Easy Connect is the capability to offer wireless sharing for guests connected to the guest WiFi network without compromising the security of the networks. From home offices meetings to video conferences across offices; users have the same opportunity to engage in meetings, share content and interact with the same content sources as people in the room. The safe, easy and fast content sharing capabilities of Cyviz Easy Connect allows employees to take full control of meetings regardless of their location with stable and consistent technology. Cyviz Easy Connect allows the user to control how shared content is presented on the display in a Cyviz X Solution; PiPs can be moved, resized and removed. In Cyviz M Solutions, users can manage the content on individual screens.

A great tool for IT and Support teams of large organizations

More than being a great offering for end users of meeting rooms, Cyviz Easy Connect is also really liked amongst IT and Support teams. Deployment and management are easy using a standard browser based WebRTC technology. This means that no new applications need to be installed. painless and secure wireless connectivity. For support, the server-based solution and WAN topology allow easy and fast remote diagnostics and remote support. The Cyviz Easy Server is also easy to manage, which is key for enterprise and business customers. With central management capabilities, IT and Support teams only need one server to manager remotely the entire WAN.

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