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Cyviz Easy is the answer to complex room control

Problem: Collaboration is still too hard.

Virtual meeting participants join meetings through their preferred application. Whether  it is Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, standards-based video conferencing, telephones, or any web browser shouldn’t really matter. And why should they have to worry about what is on the recipients end? Benefiting from their client’s native user experience without compromising functionality  should be a given. By removing obstacles and bridging different applications, customers can shift their focus from technology to optimizing the meeting workflow. And by the way, it can improve productivity. How do we want our users to interact?

Bridging technology and making virtual meetings as simple as can be

It is with this backdrop that Pexip and Cyviz have collaborated on integration with the Cyviz Easy Platform for meeting room control. The aim is to provide a consistent and reliable user experience. Independent of the underlying technology and ever-changing tools and applications. Meetings and interactions should be the focus while technology is nothing else than an enabler. The Cyviz approach is clear, we put the the user is in the center.  The experience, may it be virtual or physical meetings, should be consistent, predictable and reliable.

Read more about Cyviz Easy

Read more about this integration, and how it enables a more seamless workflow with the Cyviz Easy Platform. It also describes the advanced capabilities of the Pexip virtual meeting platform.

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