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Cyviz equips the Special Olympics World Games master control room in Abu Dhabi

With a large presence in UAE, Cyviz was engaged by the Special Olympics organization to help solve their data and analytics challenges in the master control room for the World Games. Logistics, medical support for the attendees of which many have special needs, information and apps that support every part of the event, are vital elements in an event of this scale.

All digital assets feed information and data to the data hub, that acts as the aggregator of all intelligence. The World Games app is another important part of the experience and helps visitors and athletes to navigate through Augmented Reality, share schedule for volunteers, venue information and medical incident application to manage any emergencies. It also provides a chat bot, sports information including schedule and awards as well as profiles and live updates.

The master control room (smart MOC) is the center of monitoring and control of all data and analytics related to the Special Olympics World Games. The large video wall used to display the different information is operated with a touch monitor from Cyviz with designated software, allowing eight simultaneously displayed content sources in addition to a main PC. The system is designed to enable adaptation to different scenarios through an unlimited number of predefined configurations of content to offer:

  • Dashboards overview
  • CCTV content
  • Results overview
  • Event apps analytics to predict any needed actions
  • Social media activity overview
  • Emergency/Incident response

Cyviz is delighted to support an event that helps elevating awareness and understanding of what is possible for anyone with special needs. It is also a great example of the challenges related to an event of this size and complexity in respect of logistics, simultaneously run events and activities, and the substantial number of participants and supporting staff. Using Cyviz technology and innovation to fuel the master control room was the preferred choice of the organizers and the only solution that could deliver the versatility and adaptability needed.

The control room solutions provided by Cyviz are serving customers around the world to manage complex and critical scenarios, in hospitals, emergency response centers and other critical functions. The understanding of how visualization and a dynamic control room can contribute to public safety and the management of real-time and real-life situation, to reduce risk and exposure, puts Cyviz in a unique position.

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