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Cyviz helps Microsoft demonstrate the art of the possible

There is no better illustration of the strength of the partnership between Cyviz and Microsoft than the fact that Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs) across the world are being standardized on the Cyviz platform.

Designed to demonstrate the ‘art of the possible’ and make it tangible, Microsoft’s MTCs help organizations manage their digital transformation in the era of ‘an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge.



Microsoft currently has 19 MTCs in the Americas; 17 sited around Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and 9 MTCs covering Asia. The MTCs and the dedicated Envisioning Theatres that they host are used to deliver immersive experiences that help guide businesses along their digital transformation journey.

From envisioning workshops that define strategy, through architecture sessions, prototyping, lab work and hackathons that bring a vision to life, Microsoft’s MTCs from Atlanta to Zurich make digital transformation real and tie it to organizations’ business goals.

Building its Envisioning Theatres around the Cyviz platform allows Microsoft to manage each of these vital assets centrally, as all the rooms and hardware in each can be accessed, monitored and supported remotely from one place. This ensures maximum uptime for the centers and delivers an engaging, collaborative and equitable experience for their users.

“Cyviz has been an incredible partner in our success” says Craig Dillon, Worldwide Lead, Microsoft Technology Centers & Datacenter Experience.

The partnership between Cyviz and Microsoft also gives MTC users the best of both worlds by providing a native Microsoft Teams experience within the Cyviz interface. Meeting hosts can manage their entire meeting from the intuitive touch panel of the Cyviz Easy Controller. Content can be easily shared with in-room as well as virtual participants, making the experience more collaborative, inclusive, and engaging.


Engagement gets a further boost as MTC users are able to call on Microsoft Front Row for Teams, a Microsoft development that is uniquely suited to the proven Cyviz widescreen setup. Thanks to superior Cyviz audio and video quality, participants are able make the most of every Teams meeting to fully collaborate and connect with their colleagues, wherever they may be.

The relationship between Cyviz and Microsoft runs deep, as the Cyviz platform itself is hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring maximum uptime, security and scalability. So, while Cyviz technology is rolled out across Microsoft’s MTCs and helps it reveal the art of the possible, look out for exciting news about even closer alignment between Cyviz and Azure and what deep collaboration means for users.

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