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Cyviz Reshapes Microsoft’s Holosuite with a New Technological Design

[Oslo, March 2024] Cyviz AS Reshapes Microsoft’s Holosuite with a New Technological Design

Cyviz AS, a global collaboration technology provider, has successfully implemented its visualization technology at Microsoft’s Holosuite in Amsterdam. A significant step forward in delivering a unique immersive experience, according to Microsoft. 

This technological uplift represents a strategic initiative to enhance and redefine the immersive experience within Microsoft’s exclusive center, which is the sole immersive facility of its kind worldwide. 

As the only immersive center in Microsoft’s global portfolio, the Holosuite in Amsterdam is a flagship space for showcasing the latest advancements in digital transformation. Its primary purpose is to provide a platform for visitors to explore and interact with technologies in a dynamic and engaging environment.

The room allows individuals to immerse themselves in their own virtualized work environment, showcasing the transformative impact Microsoft can bring to their professional world. 

“Microsoft has built a unique space where they can showcase their products and technology using a distinctive approach. The 360-degree video wall seamlessly blends physical and digital worlds in an immersive experience. I’m proud that Cyviz has provided this room’s technology and control system”, says Gøran Hansen, Chief Technology Officer of Cyviz.

The Holosuite is now equipped with Cyviz’s advanced technology, delivering a four-wall blended projection experience powered by 10 Cyviz CP10 projectors. High-end audio and a Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) have been integrated to facilitate in-room meetings and hybrid and remote immersion, providing a versatile and dynamic environment. The projectors deliver an immersive experience with auto-calibrated Warp and Blend for seamless projection alignment. 

A seamless 360-degree PowerPoint 

Cyviz’ technology at the Holosuite also introduces a new capability, the seamless integration of PowerPoint presentations across all four walls. This innovation enables the creation of a 26-meter-long PowerPoint presentation, simplifying content creation and eliminating the need for additional immersive software.  

With Cyviz’s platform, Picture-in-Picture (PIP) elements can be launched directly within PowerPoint, facilitating the immersive experience. Leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology, such as Microsoft HoloLens, Cyviz enables transformative applications like operating digital twins for training purposes within a relevant industry setting. This enables Microsoft to showcase its full platform capability.

“The technological uplift at our Holosuite represents a significant step forward in providing an unparalleled immersive experience. With the integration of Cyviz’s advanced technology, we can offer our visitors a truly transformative experience, showcasing the power of digital transformation in a dynamic and engaging setting,” says Joris Haverkort, Director of the Microsoft Technology Center.

Long-standing partnership
Since 2020 Cyviz has been actively involved in Microsoft’s “Lifecycle Refresh” initiative, covering all Envisioning Theatres in Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) locations worldwide. Since then, Microsoft has deployed Cyviz’ technology to 26 centers and the Redmond Executive Briefing Center at Microsoft’s HQ.  

“We appreciate our long-lasting partnership with Microsoft globally. It enables us to showcase our excellent technology. Working with customers like Microsoft makes our products and technology impactful.”, Hansen states.


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