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How to keep your collaboration systems available when your workforce needs it the most?

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The world is facing an unprecedented crisis as we speak, with a virus that is spreading rapidly and consequences that are hard to grasp. At Cyviz we are focusing on supporting our customers in their efforts to manage the crisis. Thanks to the availability of advanced technology for collaboration and remote working, businesses and organizations are better equipped than ever before to continue communicating effectively. To enable those services and tools, the number one priority is to keep them available and running.

1. Think connectivity first

The starting point of all connectivity will be the quality of your internet. Employees working from their offices should not face too much complication, but it is important to bear in mind that remote employees will rely on their homes connections and that lags may occur. Increasing server capacity and optimizing the installation of the collaboration applications is an important activity for IT.

2. Get ahead and anticipate issues before they arrive

With a monitoring system you can track all components in your meeting solutions and set up email triggers to get alerts when anomalies in the status of equipment are detected. The goal is to guarantee uptime and availability of systems at all times. It will also save valuable time when prioritizing activities for the Support or backend team. In a context as of today’s, IT managers and Support teams need to access centralized dashboards with a global overview of all their systems worldwide and be able to anticipate arising outages.

3. Troubleshoot remotely

With a higher consumption of bandwidth, of meeting applications and remote services; there is an increased likelihood that issues will occur. In such instances, the ability to provide remote support is of essential value to keep systems operational. With travel restrictions, and banned access to offices, this also means that IT managers and Support teams can effectively continue to deliver support and help users.

4. Use remote upgrades and system configuration

To assure that systems are functional, upgrades may be needed, and it is of essence to be able to schedule and deploy those at suitable times. Using remote capabilities and tools is the most efficient way for upgrades, but also if configurations need to change to accommodate new use cases.

5. Collect data and generate reports

A solid and useful monitoring and management platform should help you get a centralized and holistic view of all IT resources, room usage, occupancy and usage devices. In times where employees are less present in offices, this tool can still draw a clear picture of how and where systems are performing, failing and need upgrading. Such a tool will help IT Managers provide back to their businesses useful insights and prescriptive analytics for enhancements and further investments. These insights can be pulled as reports and also easily plugged in BI software of your choice.

The sheer reality is that more physical barriers are being put between employees, partners and customers across offices, countries and continents. Yet enterprises need to sustain levels of communication to minimize the impact on their bottom line and keep productivity afloat. At Cyviz we want to help as best we can to help organizations navigate these uncertain times. We believe that with the adequate technology put to use it will help organizations cope with the availability and uptime of collaboration systems. If you are managing a team remotely or are running conference calls in the coming days and weeks, we have also compiled our best advices to stay productive with efficient conference calls.


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Espen Gylvik, CEO at Cyviz, has worked in technology for the past 20 years, holding leadership positions in Norwegian and international companies. [/author_info] [/author]



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