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ISE 2024 | A Reflection on the Trends and Insights

By Jan Petter Lie, VP Northern Europe &  Alain Solomon, VP Continental Europe

We concluded ISE 2024 with great excitement showcasing our innovative technology and next level collaboration. Here are our takeaways and comments.

Hybrid working and Microsoft Teams Room (MTRs) : What’s next?

Standardized Microsoft Teams has become the norm. But how can we bring an improved Teams experience into other rooms and spaces? 

By rooms and spaces we mean control rooms, customer experience centres, auditoriums and collaboration & executive spaces. They should not be overlooked. 

We observed that the  industry is closely following the latest technological developments from Microsoft and how it impacts how these types of spaces are designed and built. An example of this is the Microsoft Signature Room which has attracted a lot of interest in the market. Not only does it challenge the technology used but also the layout of the space to provide a better hybrid experience. With a huge focus on a better hybrid experience many organizations also see the importance of building spaces which can be multipurpose. 

Providing a better hybrid experience is important, but remember, spaces can help organisations work better. By working better, an innovative and immersive space is key for both hybrid and of course, in-person collaboration.

We showcased our PiP (Picture-in-Picture) interactive management system as well as our Teams integration capabilities, allowing for both enhanced hybrid and in-person capabilities.

Tools and support systems: The need to be operational at all times 

Enabling teamwork and collaboration requires not only the right type of technology, but also the urgency and understanding to keep this operational at all times. The tolerance for error and failed meetings is no longer acceptable, and we saw an increase in the need to have tools that can pinpoint potential errors and provide resolution quickly and ideally, remotely.

Our Easy Server and Monitoring & Remote Management Platform was one such tool that was showcased at ISE to great interest. This platform can also be implemented from building management to your day-to-day IT, IoT and AV installation was what got people excited!

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