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Microsoft Teams Integration delivering native Teams UI and enhanced room support

Hybrid working is here to stay

As we now see that hybrid working is here to stay, it is more important than ever that organizations actively address the challenges faced by geographically disparate teams. Plans should not only address the need to provide a real alternative to the traditional face to face meeting, but also how to manage and support more complex business infrastructures.

Consideration to this evolution in collaborative working should also address the need to design spaces that staff will want to use. Many organisations are looking to provide facilities that are both “attractive” to the users and are also designed as multi-purpose digital collaboration environments, not just Meeting Rooms, but covering Corporate Communication Centres, Investment Presentation Spaces, Command and Control Rooms etc.

“Companies can strengthen culture and connection by delivering omni-connected experiences which level the playing field, enabling people to participate fully and have an equitable experience” (Accenture Report, 2022).

An IT-centric approach to collaboration and support

As businesses start to address these concerns there is a movement towards standardizing on Microsoft Teams to address virtual meeting challenges within traditional meeting rooms. This trend of introducing IT based meeting solutions for hybrid working is proving problematic as organizations experience challenges in traditional meeting rooms with a lack of interoperability with legacy video conferencing solutions, prompting many to upgrade to Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRs).

Addressing this trend of businesses moving their entire meeting room portfolio to MTRs, the Cyviz Easy Platform delivers a generic Teams experience to employees across all meeting rooms – both small and large, ensuring a consistent user experience. Cyviz has developed the Easy MTR software agent that can be installed on Microsoft Windows-based MTR devices providing the ability to centrally monitor and manage the health and status of the rooms. Users and IT support teams continue to benefit from the Cyviz Platform with a centralised approach to operation and the ability to deliver rooms with a native Teams experience, whilst supporting more complex audio and video equipment throughout the room due to the unique integration with Teams & MTRs. This IT centric approach means that Cyviz is fast becoming the preferred solution to support MTRs in large rooms and those with different complexities whilst providing a consistent user interface, room continuity and equitable collaboration experiences across the estate.

“The Cyviz Easy MTR agent improves how organizations deploy, support and mange Microsoft Teams Room systems by giving end-users immediate remote assistance, allowing the support organization to remotely access all aspects of the MTR devices” (Eirik Simonsen, Cyviz CTO).

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