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Remote services gain ground as pandemic persists

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COVID-19 has impacted us in multiple ways, and we have seen companies having to quickly adjust their operations and services delivery to adapt to the new normal. It has also accelerated the deployment of new technology in an unprecedented fashion. Aker BP and DNV GL – Maritime have focused strategically on digitalization and collaboration centers before the pandemic became a fact. Their efforts have become even more critical to secure the availability of their operations and services in the current situation.

Introducing more digital work processes and the use of remote operations have paid off during the pandemic, states Aker BP and DNV GL, both Cyviz customers. By facilitating services and operations being controlled remotely either on land for the offshore operations, or from a designated location from a time zone and resources perspective, the two Norwegian companies have managed to maintain a high level of activity throughout the pandemic.

For several years, Cyviz has provided collaboration centers to large organizations around the world. In recent years, technological development of, among other things, artificial intelligence, new camera technology, and sensory technology has made it possible to perform an increasing number of remote services. During the pandemic, companies have been forced to test the solutions to a greater extent and the acceptance of performing tasks remotely has increased considerably. Experience so far indicates that we are seeing a change in attitudes towards the use of remote services, which in turn will open up even more opportunities for the future of operations and services delivery.

Example 1: Aker BP continuing delivering services without interruption

Aker BP’s Onshore Collaboration Center (OCC) is an example of a collaboration center for operating drilling and maintaining production without being physically present on the platform. Furthermore, this is strengthening the collaboration by using the best digital tools and solutions available, to allow different groups to work more closely together and thus create synergies. The OCC setup (technological and physical) has allowed Aker BP to maintain all planned drilling and wells activities even in a, at times, extreme Covid-19 situation. The OCC is in full operation under a strict regime, with only the roles that are absolutely necessary physically in the OCC, and others connecting and collaborating via the systems in place from other locations.

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Example 2: Remote surveys requests increasing

In shipping, DNV GL – Maritime has for some time been considering how digitalization can help them offer future-oriented services within ship inspections, classification and certification. Prior to the pandemic, they decided to invest in operations centers to facilitate the delivery of services and support through five key locations. By offering remote surveys, they can carry out inspections even with a limited physical presence. Customer inquiries about remote surveys have increased by 35% during the pandemic. The expectation is that this is a trend that will persist, and it enables DNV GL to ensure continuous access to high-quality services that are critical for their customers.

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Operations centers designed for optimal collaboration enabling remote services

With reliable systems and technology, the operations centers and control rooms are turned into collaboration spaces that can engage the right resources at the right time. Moreover, visual assets and content sharing capabilities will enable resolving complex problems and decision-making. The world is going to see less travel, and the use of resources effectively will continue to drive productivity improvements across industries. As demonstrated by the customer examples, there is an opportunity in accelerating remote operations and services delivery, when deploying the tools and solutions to support it.

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