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Uncovering Viking history with Cyviz’ high-performance visualization

The Norwegian volunteer association Funn i Hafrsfjord (i.e. Findings in Hafrsfjord) presented their findings from a four-year research project to the national Norwegian media at the Cyviz Experience Center in Stavanger recently. The research project seeks to investigate the seabed of Hafrsfjord to find traces from a significant naval viking battle thought to have taken place around year 872.


A milestone in Norwegian history

According to the tale, the famous Viking king Harald Fairhair fought in the battle of Hafrsfjord, marking an important milestone in uniting Norway as a kingdom. The objectives of the research project is to get closer to the truth of the event and how it unfolded, and uncovering physical traces of the battle.

Historical finding

To help surfacing images, the researchers (Funn i Hafrsfjord) deployed a wide range of equipment, originally used in the offshore industry, allowing them to investigate the seabed without physically touching it. The images captured show significant contours in the seabed, potentially contours from several ships and dories. More research is still required to get a better understanding of the unfolding of events. In the meantime, these findings are taking Norway one step closer to uncovering the truth about its origin.

Using Cyviz’ visualization technology to present

A substantial part of the underlying work behind the discovery was related to image and data interpretation. It is therefore no understatement to say that ‘a picture says more than a thousand words’ in this significant Norwegian historical moment. The interpretation of such critical images required advanced visualization technology. Equipped with an ultra-high definition visualization solution from Cyviz, the team at Funn i Hafrsfjord was able to present not only without compromising the image quality of their findings, but also to magnify their discoveries in a crisper and clearer manner. The Cyviz technology enabled them to visualize their data in a multi-dimensional way, and to deliver their findings with the most unbiased and evidence-based approach.

Cyviz was founded more than 20 years ago, delivering high-performance visualization solutions to the oil and gas industry for geologists, reservoir engineers, field development and more. Since then, Cyviz has delivered high-performance visualization solutions across industries around the world and is proud to help teams uncover the power of their data.

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