Choosing the best solution for your space

Cyviz' display technology offers standardized solutions built on predefined and proven design principles.


The value of ultra-wide, high-resolution displays and video walls

Visualize big data

Data visualization has become increasingly important to most organizations. At the same time, data collection and the availability of data has never been greater. Enabling the visualization of big data visual is fundamental to creating real value.

Visualize complex problems

Problem-solving is enhanced through visual content. The human brain is built to process visuals faster, and being able to see connections on a visual surface can make all the difference.

Visualize multiple sources

Iterative processes and agile development are modern approaches used in many organizations. To leverage such processes, enterprises need the ability to share multiple sources of content simultaneously.


Truly functional display solutions

To make a display solution truly functional, a few things need to be in place:

An ultra-wide canvas with lots of pixels, managed by a powerful video processor.

A workstation to drive all these pixels, for high performance visualization.

A video and audio routing unit to connect all sources to the display.

An easy to use control system for all functions in the room.


Built to work. Built to fit. Built to last.

Cyviz takes a unique approach to designing collaboration and meeting spaces. We take responsibility from A to Z. Our design team’s expertise ranges from designing mechanical rigs, to selecting furniture and advising on viewing distance. They will even get involved with the colors of the wall. This knowledge is essential when testing, proofing and selecting the components, and ultimately this sets the scene for the user experience. The software developers work effortlessly to maintain a high standard for features and functionality without impairing the usability.

The first step in building a display wall solution is to define the fundamental principles that create a good user experience. The top 3 things to consider:


The screen needs to be large relative to the room size for viewers to consume the content.


Optimal resolution for the room size and layout to assure all participants in the room can read and see the content.

Multiple sources

Enable collaboration and engagement with multiple sources of information viewed simultaneously.

The ultimate checklist to help you find the right display solution for your needs


Perfecting the video wall. Using the designated technology.

Direct view LED video walls. Our L-series.

Seamless displays without bezels impairing the visual effect can be critical for spaces requiring detailed situational awareness or visualization of content. LED technology has evolved rapidly and is a great option where ambient light is a factor and the viewing angles are limited. LED can also be configured to any shape and size to fit the room. It comes with or without touch enablement and is sure to make an impression in any boardroom. LED solutions are often a great option for multipurpose collaboration use cases, and offer a range of resolution options to accommodate the size of the room and seating arrangements. 

Seamless front projection. The F-series.

Front projected solutions provide a pixel perfect, seamless image recognized for enhanced color uniformity and excellent viewing angles. The variations of screen sizes and resolutions permit for dynamic collaboration in diverse digital workplaces ranging from basic visual collaboration rooms to more complex areas such as experience centers, operations centers and Command & Control environments.

Our F-Series boasts resolutions ranging from 3 to 50 Megapixels, delivered in a bright, crisp and clear picture. Our aspect ratios are ideal for collaborative work, and designed to facilitate multiple sources. The governing principle at Cyviz is to strive for simplicity while promoting lossless image transmission from computer source to the eye, eliminating the need for digital manipulation of the signals (warping). Front projected solutions feature optional installation modules to conceal projectors while reducing heat and noise in the user space.

Seamless rear projection. The R-series.

The R-series is the finest display technology that money can buy. The level of clarity and crispness is unrivalled. It has been designed for professionals who require photorealistic content levels, and like a typical Cyviz customer: is unwilling to compromise on quality.

Many of our clients need to share information and make decisions across disciplines and geography. The Cyviz R-series is designed with the user in mind. Our unique user interface has been developed to ensure intuitive and confidence inspiring work sessions. With Picture in Picture (PiP) and Cyviz display controller technology it is possible to display several sources on-screen simultaneously.

Panels are scalable, and flexible. The P-series.

A high-performance, panel-based multipurpose display that can be scaled from two to thirty-six panels. The P-Series is flexible and easy to use; moreover, the quality experience that has become our trademark. All of our core technologies are on full display in this efficient solution. Not only do our panels have an unrivalled ease of deployment; they are also highly energy-efficient, and offer effortless scalability and have parts that require little maintenance.


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