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Cyviz Easy MTR Agent for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Remote support and monitoring for your Microsoft Teams meeting rooms

The Cyviz Easy Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) Agent will help you gain control of your Teams rooms and installations. Through clever agent technology you are now able to monitor the room applications and equipment, and deliver secure and reliable remote support.

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Real-time monitoring of your Microsoft Teams Rooms

The maintenance and support of meeting rooms are enabled through real-time end-point monitoring. It provides a full overview of all your meeting room applications and equipment.

Secure and effective remote support

The remote support needs to deliver quick resolution when problems appear. The Cyviz Easy Teams Agent allows you to see what happens in the room through real-time secure access to the touch panel. Helping users instantly.

Have you standardized on Microsoft and Teams?

Cyviz gives you the best-of-breed monitoring and remote support for your Microsoft Teams Room Systems and seamless integration with Teams across rooms.

Standardizing on Microsoft

With a Windows-based approach and developed for Microsoft standards. Future-proofing your IT environment.

Manage resources in one single place.

Room equipment details, applications status and logs.

One control platform for centralized support and management of all your Cyviz systems. The server application offers remote management, support, configuration, diagnosing and software upgrades. And more.

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Keep your options open of choosing the appropriate equipment for your use cases. Avoiding vendor lock-in.

Secure remote support

Delivery of real-time remote support requires full IT security measures in place. Secure access and monitoring is a part of Cyviz’ software platform already. Don’t compromise security.

Faster response times

Remote support is at its best when users can be assisted in real-time. Using room application and equipment monitoring with granular detail reduces time to remediate.

The Cyviz approach to Unified Communications

Cyviz transforms how people work with integrated unified communications for high-end meeting rooms, boardrooms and any kind of collaboration spaces. With rich collaborative experiences, Cyviz facilitates connections between participants, to share, work and take decisions, regardless of their chosen UC platform and with the same immersive digital environment as if they were all in the same physical room.

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