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Cyviz Easy Platform

The future at work, right here, right now.

The Cyviz Easy Platform: A complete platform for centralized monitoring, support and management.

The Cyviz Easy Platform is the industry’s most comprehensive platform for room control and management, guaranteeing a user experience you know and appreciate, for a wide range of meeting and collaboration spaces.

Fully standardized and upgradable, the Cyviz Easy Platform offers an excellent user experience independent of changing technology. With a predictable deployment process and IT-driven efficiency, Cyviz Easy enhances the business value of collaboration and reduces the cost of support and maintenance.

A seamless experience

The Cyviz Easy Platform is designed to control and manage all Cyviz’ rooms. It offers an excellent user experience independent of underlying and changing technology. We bring audio-visual, unified communication and IT together with predictable deployment processes and IT-driven efficiencies. Managing converging technologies in one single place. The Cyviz Easy Platform puts emphasis on the user experience and reduces the cost of support and maintenance.

The value of standardization across rooms

Forget about ineffective collaboration rooms and fragmented audio-visual components, unwieldy support situations and escalating costs of maintenance and upgrading. Collaboration technologies should be standardized, easy to use, and work every time.

The Cyviz Easy Platform allows for a consistent and predictable user experience regardless of room capabilities and room type. The Cyviz Easy Platform is an upgradable room management and control system, based on proven design principles and carefully selected AV components to ensure an effective and predictable roll-out and installation procedure.

Connecting all your solutions

The Cyviz Easy Platform is the core of all Cyviz audio-visual rooms and collaboration spaces. The IT-driven design connects our solutions; Cyviz A, Cyviz M and Cyviz X, and the different AV technologies. The Cyviz Easy Server allows for centralized management and configuration, in addition to allowing for resolving issues via remote support.

Identify issues and diagnose remotely to save valuable time

The Cyviz Easy Platform is designed to reduce time and resources spent identifying the causes of systems faults. It includes a browser-based tool that offers support operators two-way communication with Cyviz Easy Controllers. Our access-controlled diagnostic tool offers full access to all parts of the control system. Communicating directly with specific devices, the customer helpdesk can perform debugging efforts using a service camera for visual inspection and scrutinize detailed control system logs for exceptions.

Management based on IT principles.

The Cyviz Easy Platform offers a centralized, web-based server for systems management. With critical information automatically collected, the Cyviz Easy Server provides an overview of systems, technical equipment, software versions, backup of configuration files, geographic location and system importance. In addition, support for monitoring over SNMP makes the Cyviz Easy Platform compatible with industry-leading management software tools.

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