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Cyviz Easy Server

The Cyviz Easy Server offers the best tools to monitor and support multiple systems.

Many companies struggle to maintain a meeting room portfolio that is reliable and easy to use. By introducing an IT approach to systems design and processes, Cyviz improves the user experience while reducing resources spent on management and support. When you work smart, you can do a lot more with less.

Usage Analytics

  • Provides granular room and features usage insights
  • A tool to understand employees’ needs and confidence in the systems
  • Identify features that require further training
  • Prove your room ROI
  • Understand and shape collaboration behaviours in your organization

Remote support and diagnosing

  • Remote access by Cyviz with escalated support issues
  • Remote technical support
  • Remote end user support
  • Direct communication with equipment
  • Advanced diagnostics and debugging tools
  • Cut travel costs for your Support teams for disparate organizations

User rating and feedback

  • Keep track of end users satisfaction over time
  • Proactive support based on real user experience
  • Better support levels for happier users

Centralized equipment monitoring and overview

  • Centralized overview of Cyviz Controllers and Cyviz Connect Receivers
  • Automatically monitors health status of controlled equipment
  • Email alerts when exceptions are detected
  • Manage multiple areas from a primary location

WebClient and Windows Client Manager

  • Management of client profiles for Cyviz Easy WindowsClient and Cyviz WebClient

Centralized upgrade of Cyviz software

  • Easy deployment with central and automated distribution of software upgrades for Cyviz Controllers, Cyviz Connect Receivers and Cyviz Video Processors
  • Keeps track of controllers location, software versions, technical description and automates the backup of critical files

Building alarm integration

  • Integration with a BMS so motion detectors and fire alarms become integral part of Cyviz solutions

Case Study

Meeting Rooms

Thales UK

Transforming the Service Desk and improving the meeting room experience at Thales UK, part of the Thales group. A standardized room design with remote management and support to accomodate the needs of Thales UK. The challenges with meeting rooms at Thales around the UK were many. Following multiple mergers and acquisitions and with dispersed office […]

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Meeting Rooms

Easy Server

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