Cyviz Easy Server

One control platform for centralized support and management of all your Cyviz systems. The server application offers remote management, support, configuration, diagnosing and software upgrades. And more.

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Real time monitoring for IT and AV professionals

Assure uptime and availability of all systems remotely.


  • A data-driven approach to room systems and management
  • Prove ROI through utilization and usage analytics
  • Analytics that help plan resources allocation and identify training needs

Operational efficiency

  • A centralized dashboard and management overview
  • Efficient remote support to resolve issues quickly
  • Easy updates with centralized deployment
  • Scheduled upgrades during non-peak times

Organizational impact

  • Reduce support resources required and improve user satisfaction
  • Anticipate maintenance and deliver timely support
  • Higher room utilization and more productive meetings
  • Happier users

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Thales UK case study

Transforming the Service Desk and improving the meeting room experience at Thales UK, part of the Thales group

 The meeting rooms were the source of many complaints coming into the Service Desk, and it wasn’t just interoperability or software, but basic issues such as non-functional hardware and cables missing or disconnected. Discover how Cyviz solution fulfilled the needs of modernizing, standardizing and optimizing the meeting rooms and the meeting experience within Thales UK.

What our customers are saying

With the Cyviz Easy Server, we are finally able to remotely monitor equipment from all our different sites, and to debug painlessly. This has saved us valuable time and cut on travel costs for our support team that operate across geographies.

Customer, Transportation

Before the Cyviz Easy Server, we had little insight on how and when employees were using our collaboration rooms. We had no visibility on which features were being used. We couldn’t tell if the full potential of these rooms was being used, or even understood. With the new Usage Analytics module, we can now see how and when employees are using the rooms. And we can even identify the features that require further introduction or training efforts. With these new sets of data, we are now able to calculate our ROI effectively. This has also helped us shape our organizational culture, and encouraged more collaboration.

Customer, Financial Services

The fact that you can schedule all software upgrades centrally, directly through the Cyviz Easy Server has been life-changing for us. This meant that we could ensure that the same software versions were being used across all rooms and offices. Also, with the automated upgrading schedule, we were able to initiate the roll-out outside of business hours, with virtually no need for downtime.

Customer, Oil and Gas

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Centralized support and management of all your Cyviz systems

The Cyviz Easy Server is a tool for operational excellence. The Cyviz Easy Server improves user experience while reducing resources spent on management and support.

More about the Cyviz Platform ❯

Cyviz Easy Server modules


Unique capabilities to manage and support your rooms:


Usage Analytics
  • Provides granular room and features usage insights
  • A tool to understand employees’ needs and confidence in the systems
  • Identify features that require further training
  • Prove your room ROI
  • Understand and shape collaboration behaviors in your organization
Remote support and diagnosing
  • Remote access by Cyviz with escalated support issues
  • Remote technical support
  • Remote end user support
  • Direct communication with equipment
  • Advanced diagnostics and debugging tools
  • Cut travel costs for your Support teams for disparate organizations
User rating and feedback
  • Keep track of end users satisfaction over time
  • Proactive support based on real user experience
  • Better support levels for happier users
Centralized equipment monitoring and overview
  • Centralized overview of Cyviz Controllers and Cyviz Connect Receivers
  • Automatically monitors health status of controlled equipment
  • Email alerts when exceptions are detected
  • Manage multiple areas from a primary location
WebClient and Windows Client Manager
  • Management of client profiles for Cyviz Easy WindowsClient and Cyviz WebClient
Centralized upgrade of Cyviz software
  • Easy deployment with central and automated distribution of software upgrades for Cyviz Controllers, Cyviz Connect Receivers and Cyviz Video Processors
  • Keeps track of controllers location, software versions, technical description and automates the backup of critical files
Building alarm integration
  • Integration with a BMS so motion detectors and fire alarms become integral part of Cyviz solutions


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