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Cyviz Easy Monitoring & Remote Management Platform

Monitoring & Remote Management Platform

Cyviz have been delivering collaboration excellence for 25 years including market leading centralised support, control and management of dynamic, digital meeting spaces and IT peripherals within. From audio visual and sound, to lighting and air conditioning, Cyviz have set the standard for managing and supporting peripherals in collaboration spaces, control rooms and experience centres alike.

This expertise has continued to evolve and is now the cornerstone of the Monitoring and Remote Management Platform from Cyviz, setting the benchmark for device monitoring, configuration, and management of IT ecosystems across organizations.

Monitoring & Remote Management Platform

As the technological landscape continues to evolve, as does the need
for resource conservation and smart management of organizational infrastructure.

Cyviz Easy Monitoring Agent

The Cyviz Easy Monitoring Agent provides an intuitive interface, surfacing device health and performance metrics in real-time, ensuring prompt issue resolution and proactive maintenance.

Cyviz Easy Remote Access Agent

No matter how small or large your infrastructure our flexible architecture ensures our platform stays at the forefront of innovation, allowing you to easily add new devices, future proofing your investment.

Cyviz Easy MTR Agent

As we enter a new phase of hybrid working and become more reliant on remote collaboration and online meetings, there is a need to assimilate technologies and correlate support.

A complete platform

The Cyviz Easy agents are part of the Cyviz Easy Platform, an IT-driven turnkey solution available “as a service” or on premise. A standardised, configurable, and upgradeable approach to control, management to support a wide range of meeting rooms and collaboration solutions.

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“The Cyviz approach to monitoring & remote management of IoT & AV peripherals is the most encompassing platform available, derived from years of experience in delivering Next Level Collaboration”.

“The flexibility and power of the Cyviz Monitoring Agent is a game changer for support teams, maximising device uptime and significanlty increasing organizational efficiencies”.

“The ability to remotely manage IT devices across the entire oraganization from a central location reduces the burden on technical support functions, saving both time and money”.

Your organization can achieve greater efficiencies and realise cost savings.

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Find out how the Cyviz Monitoring & Remote Access Platform can can unlock the full potential of all your IoT, networked and AV devices.

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