Unified Communications

Cyviz offers a control system that orchestrates the underlying technology and integrates industry standard components and services for full interoperability across all Enterprise favored video- and unified communication platforms.

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Enabling the digital workforce

In a world with a decentralized digital workforce, large enterprises need to serve hundreds, if not thousands of employees, ranging from on-premise resources, to remote workers and offices spread across continents. To improve user productivity and enhance business processes, enterprises need a true unified communications interoperability that encompasses applications, chosen devices and hardware solutions.

Productive meetings

With Cyviz, teams connect easily and seamlessly every time. Your meetings are immersive, and in a world of globally dispersed teams, our UC integrations ensure that everyone can be equally engaged and active in the same discussion for optimal outcomes.

Great user experience

A great UC experience delights employees and partners. Meetings start on time, and employees feel confident that the system will always work, independently of the platform chosen by external partners. They can focus on the presentation or decisions to be made without the hurdle of broken meeting technology.

Reduced costs of travels

With premium user experience; experts, collaborators and team members can enjoy the same proximity and solve problems faster without the need to travel for face-to-face communication. Important decisions can be made, big data can be shared and analyzed in a pixel perfect manner without increasing your CO2 emissions.

Increased collaboration

Employees and partners can communicate and collaborate in a ‘face-to-face’ experience whether they are working from home, from another office or another company. The physical and virtual world will converge and become an indispensable foundation for immersive collaboration and innovation.

Cyviz hides the complexity of multi-vendor integrations and consolidates the Unified Communication experience.

Cyviz’ solutions integrate with all preferred Enterprise vendors such as:

Issues with the traditional approach to Unified Communications

The new digital workforce needs technologies that work seamlessly and enables ad-hoc or on the fly collaboration as well as scheduled meetings regardless of their location. From video conferencing to content sharing, messaging and team collaboration, Unified Communications cannot operate in silos anymore but require a consolidated approach that hides the complexity of the multi-vendor reality in Enterprise collaboration. As a dispersed workforce, collaborating in the office, across offices, across departments or companies, people want to rely on technologies that can interoperate together without friction or loss of context.

X Inconsistent user experience
X Disparate technologies and interoperability challenges
X Complexity of use

The Cyviz approach to Unified Communications

Cyviz transforms how people work with integrated unified communications for high-end meeting rooms, boardrooms and any kind of collaboration spaces.  With rich collaborative experiences, Cyviz facilitates connections between participants, to share, work and take decisions, regardless of their chosen UC platform and with the same immersive digital environment as if they were all in the same physical room.

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Scheduled meetings

Attend your scheduled meetings with a personalized experience. Access your calendar on the Cyviz Easy Controller through the Cyviz integrations with Ms Exchange and Microsoft Active Directory.


Cyviz Easy Controller

One control system for all functions. Task centric and easy to use touch interface panel. All Cyviz solutions are controlled through the Cyviz Easy Controller software, which is designed for all collaboration environments. Attend a meeting directly from your personal calendar or make an ad-hoc call at the touch of a button.

What our customers are saying

We started with Cyviz in 2008 and have now rolled out their solution at 25 locations around the world… I know they can deliver the solutions that work every time.

Senior Innovation Manager, Global Retail customer

We’re an absolute leader when it comes to standardization of systems. If I need to travel to Dubai, or any location at all, I can go into the office and work productively from the first minute as each room works the same way and meetings are easy to launch.

Digital Workplace Strategy, Global Professional Services customer

We need a partner that understands the needs and challenges of a dispersed global workforce when it comes to video conferencing and virtual meetings. Cyviz really delivered on the promise. It integrates with Microsoft Teams and Zoom which were key for us.

IT Manager, Global Airlines customer


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