Dynamic & Secure Command and Control Centers

Complete turnkey solutions for Federal Government and Defense

Cyviz delivers solutions that are scalable and designed to fit any size of control room for use in secure, mission-critical environments such as:

  • Joint Operations Centers (JOCs)
  • Air Operations Centers (AOCs)
  • Tactical Operations Centers (TOCs)
  • Cyber Security Operations Centers (CSOCs)
  • Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs)
  • Network Operations Centers (NOCs)
  • Modeling and Simulation Operations Centers (MSOCs)

They are typically built on a set of expandable core components:

Video Walls

Blended solid-state projection

LCD panels

Small pitch LED

Control Systems

Advanced operating system

Centralized monitoring

Support and management



Secure KVM matrix switches IA-accredited

Cyviz partners with ThinkLogical to provide complete solutions with IA accreditation

ISO 9001:2015 certified and TAA Compliant

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Building the next generation of secure and dynamic Command & Control centers

Thales UK case study

Transforming the Service Desk and improving the meeting room experience at Thales UK, part of the Thales group

Thales UK, part of the Thales Group, serves a diverse set of industries with an expertise in delivering high-level security services and applications. The organization has grown and developed into a leader in Defense, Aerospace and Ground transportation systems. Their line of businesses is characterized by the intensity of security requirements, visible in the layout and design of their offices and services. Discover how Cyviz solution fulfilled the needs of modernizing, standardizing and optimizing the meeting rooms and the meeting experience within Thales UK.

Cyviz delivers Command & Control spaces for supreme situational awareness and rapid decision-making. The Cyviz solutions are designed for the demanding requirements of Defense and Intelligence organizations tasked with implementing command and control centers that are secured and long-lasting.

Security Compliance

Cyviz’ control rooms and operations centers are designed to adapt to staff accreditations and present content accordingly, and move between pre-configured modes to enable classified sources when needed using the same system. Our technical staff carry the highest security clearances, and together with our partners we offer the skills needed to successfully implement and support mission-critical systems. The Cyviz system architecture supports DVI-, HDMI, Display Port and IP-based distribution of high-resolution video signals. Switching between multiple sources can be done in a secure and certified fiber-based matrix. Processing of raw video is done without compression, encoding or decoding.

Multiple Classifications

With Cyviz technology it is possible to adopt solutions where you switch modes and security levels as the situation requires, within one and the same environment. Our solutions comply with the one-way-only video distribution and processing requirements found in environments with multiple security levels. Content from one security level can never be accessed from sources on a lower security level. Additionally, computer sources from different networks and security classifications can be securely connected to the system, so content from multiple sources can be combined into an optimal representation of mission-critical information. Switching between multiple sources can be done in a secure and certified fiber-based matrix.

Future-Proof Solutions

When designing your next command and control room, you will need to select a solution able to fulfil needs of the coming 10 to 20 years. With the digital transformation well under way and the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) picking up rapidly; government entities will require a future-proof command and control room that adapts to these new needs and will be a long-term investment. Cyviz delivers dynamic control room solutions that are application-agnostic, standardized and configurable and will stand the test of time, regardless of changing underlying technology. Existing systems are easily upgradeable with features and functions. Our platform has the reliability and flexibility needed to meet the changing landscape of technologies, and remain relevant, powerful and reliable.

24/7 Reliability

Cyviz solutions are designed for the most demanding government and defense requirements, and built for 24/7 environments. We understand that downtime is not an option, and the monitoring of all system components will detect any potential outage ahead of time. With a consistent system architecture and around-the-clock support, Cyviz’ control rooms and operations centers let you focus on solving critical challenges and offer supreme situational awareness at all times.

Concurrent design facilities for the Defense

A multi-disciplinary, collaborative and mission-critical environment

Concurrent design principles are used to create secure spaces that bring multidisciplinary experts together to create  a common operational picture and improve decision-making.


We partners with worldwide leaders in their fields to deliver state-of-the-art turnkey solutions for Government and Defense


Defense and Intelligence organizations worldwide rely on Thinklogical’s innovative secure VDS and KVM extension and switching solutions to significantly enhance security, reduce costs and improve productivity and collaboration. The Thinklogical accreditations, certifications and willingness to engage security experts has led hundreds of defense and intelligence organizations to adopt Thinklogical as the only provider of highly-secure and mission critical facilities.


EVANS has been the global leader in providing innovative furniture solutions for mission-critical operations. As a partner, Evans helps delivering complete turnkey-solutions with a range of consoles, monitor mounting and accessories. Their expertise for flexibility and durability enhances the operator comfort and optimal productivity.


Cyviz has delivered control room solutions to customers around the globe for over 20 years:


What our customers are saying

We chose Cyviz for its solid experience and reputation as a provider of some of the largest command centers in the field. We needed a fast and error-proof implementation that would not disturb our 24/7 operations. With their user configurable approach, the implementation was quick and the operator experience easy and consistent.

Customer, Federal

We liked that Cyviz delivers complete command centers solutions including visual displays, video processing and video control. We were looking for a solution provider with the right expertise and ability to deliver future-proof solutions compliant with our rigorous security requirements. The seamless integration with Thinklogical’s innovative secure VDS and KVM extension and switching solutions significantly enhanced security and increased the value.

Customer, Federal

Our main requirement was to keep mission-critical data secure from intentional and accidental compromises, and to ensure that authorized users only gain access to the parts of the system they are authorized to use. Cyviz’ solutions delivered on our brief, and met our requirements for a multiple classifications solution and one-way-only video distribution and processing.

Customer, Federal


Discover our robust and multipurpose solutions built for all environments and industries.

Flexible and dynamic control rooms that add speed and accuracy to decision-making.

Cyviz control rooms are configured with the highest standards for performance and security


Security and network operations centers


Emergency response and crisis management

Surveillance and monitoring

Command & Control for the defense

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