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Innovation Centers

Smart data visualization for showcasing demos and immersive stories

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Innovation Centers

Here to help shape innovation & drive digital transformation.

Technology is shaping the future of businesses. Today, knowledge sharing transcends geographical borders and disciplines.

With the advancement of technology, businesses are seeking highly dynamic spaces that enhance collaboration, improve efficiency and support innovation.

Interoperable ecosystem

Standardized systems built on common IT principles and software help users adopt new solutions more easily. It also ensures they are always up to date, with minimal deployment time.

People-first approach

People drive innovations, and we need to make sure user experiences are consistent, transparent, and inspiring to fuel collaboration and interactions.

Forward-looking design

See how organizations are embracing digitalization to understand their audiences better and create more impactful customer solutions.

Case studies

Cyviz has integrated these elements when designing innovation centers, helping customers achieve success in gaining a competitive edge.

Innovation Centers

Microsoft Technology Centers

Supporting a collaborative experience at Microsoft. Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) are a sales acceleration asset for top enterprise customers. It’s an established program – both one of the highest profile, and the longest-running at Microsoft. Read how Cyviz is delivering an impactful and high-value collaborative experience for enterprise customers in the Microsoft Technology Centers to […]

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Innovation Centers

Innovation center, Åndalsnes, Norway

Fuelling local innovation in Åndalsnes to ignite innovation, create connections, and inspire growth throughout a small Norwegian community. “We wanted the most future-proof solution in the market. With integrated Virtual Reality solutions and offering many possible use cases and options on how and what data the end user wishes to share or visualize, were deciding […]

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Command & Control Rooms

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) engaged Cyviz to deploy four types of systems across five rooms in its Houston, TX office building. The robust data sharing and manipulation capabilities enabled PGS to collaborate in real-time and make fast, informed decisions, thus bringing additional value to the already strong relationships that the company has with its global customer […]

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Innovation Centers

Smart Innovation Norway

Cyviz Easy Platform creates a forward-thinking visualization center for Norwegian start-ups. Smart Innovation Norway needed a seamless way to run its meetings, conferences, demonstrations, and more. Its old system was outdated and unreliable, which was having an impact on its ability to collaborate with research partners and present itself on a global playing field. With […]

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Cyviz has integrated these elements when designing innovation centers, helping customers achieve success in gaining a competitive edge.


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