Solutions customized for your space


Standardized and configurable for any space

A Cyviz Solution is built on a predefined design model using pre-tested components and is controlled and managed by a Cyviz Easy Controller. The completeness, reliability and usability of a Cyviz Solution make it an attractive turn-key offering to the market.

Command & Control

Robust solutions built for use in secure, mission-critical environments, such as command and control, operations centers, emergency and crisis management rooms.

High-performance visualization

High resolution. Pixel perfection. Great experience.

Multipurpose collaboration

Serving multidisciplinary teams across different locations to enhance speed and accuracy in decision-making.

Meeting rooms

Standardized meeting rooms. Designed for multipurpose.


One platform for every room


LCD panels provide maximum flexibility and utilization of screen real estate. Easy to install and scale, suitable for 24/7 operations.


Cyviz Easy Controller Preset functionality transforms your operations center to oversee the scenario of choice with a click of a button.


Built for continuous operation with multiple operators, configured for high-performance mission-critical applications.


Standardizing the meeting room with panels and two sources of content. Easy to deploy and manage.


Integration with Microsoft AD makes the experience personalized and starts the meeting in no time.

Video Camera

Engaging in conversations with remote resources requires technology to ensure consistent good quality and no disruption.

Projectors in ceiling

The perfect seamless image with optimal resolution gives flexibility for multiple content sources. Customized for viewing and readability.

Display 2

Connecting and displaying multiple content sources, including video conference. Sizing windows to engage with the content and drive the visual collaboration.


Cyviz Easy Controller provides operation and system control with a highly standardized user experience, making it easy for anyone to operate.


Rear-projected displays allow multipurpose utilization of a room and is suitable for modern open spaces. Seamless images with perfected colors and image quality.


3D technology can be applied to all Cyviz Solutions, enabling advanced simulation and virtual reality, increasingly common in many industries.
Robust solutions built for use in secure mission-critical environments, such as command & control, operations centers, emergency and crisis management rooms.
Standardizing a new generation of turnkey meeting rooms to bring premium user experiences into any room.
Serving multidisciplinary teams across multiple locations with capabilities for connecting and displaying multiple content sources, and integrating video conferencing.
Visualizing big data and advanced applications on large seamless displays with optimal pixel-perfect quality.


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