High-performance visualization

High resolution. Pixel perfection. Great experience.


Visualizing big data and advanced applications

Identify and act on trends faster

The volume of data that companies are able to gather can provide business leaders with insights into new opportunities and solutions to problems, presuming they can spot the opportunities in the mountain of data. Using data visualization, decision makers are able to grasp changes across multiple data sets much more quickly.

Manipulate and interact with data

One of the greatest strengths of data visualization is how it brings actionable insights to the surface. Unlike one-dimensional tables and charts that can only be viewed, data visualization tools enable users to interact with data in real time.

Absorb information through visuals

Data visualization allows decision makers to see connections between multi-dimensional data sets and provides new ways to interpret data through the use of heat maps, fever charts, and other rich graphical representations. Organizations that use visual data discovery are more likely to find the information they need when they need it and do so more productively than other companies.


One platform for every collaboration space. One software. Everything you need.

IT-driven approach

A comprehensive platform to control and manage all your meeting rooms. Fully standardized, configurable and upgradable.

Easy room control

Everything about Cyviz is easy. This is the easiest room controller you have tried. Full of functionality, still easy to use.

Less support

Our platform provides monitoring and management, with remote access to virtually assist any room instantly.

Built on the Easy Platform

The Cyviz Easy Platform is the core of any Cyviz space and the IT-driven design connects the different solutions; A, M and X. Cyviz Easy Server allows for centralized management and configuration, in addition to ability to resolve issues via remote support.


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