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The ideal innovation center is designed to drive disruption

The well-designed innovation center is where ideas, insights, and assets come to life. The user experience is made more enjoyable through a consistent and easy-to-use interface, which in turn fuels innovation-centric initiatives.

More organizations are realizing this; between 2016 and 2017, the world saw a 27% rise in global innovation centers––29% in Asia1 alone––and new ones are in the pipeline.

While the innovation center is key in keeping an organization relevant and relatable, it has to be built on the right foundation to support users and corporate objectives.

Interoperable ecosystem

Standardized systems built on common IT principles and software help users adopt new solutions more easily. It also ensures they are always up to date, with minimal deployment time.

People-first approach

People drive innovations, and we need to make sure user experiences are consistent, transparent, and inspiring to fuel collaboration and interactions.

Forward-looking design

A superior design doesn’t only heighten efficiency and productivity, but made to serve for many years ahead.

Cyviz has integrated these elements when designing innovation centers, helping customers achieve success in gaining a competitive edge.

GlaxoSmithKline’s Shopper Science Lab

Procter & Gamble’s first innovation center out of the USA

Tullow Oil’s Dublin-based Event and Technology Center

Read their stories in Shaping cradles of innovation


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Since 1998, Cyviz has designed and delivered global technology solutions. Now, we bring you innovation centers and experience centers. Engaging and inspiring through user experiences, delivering consistent and intuitive technology, and building collaborative spaces where ideas and assets flow, take root, and scale up with ease are part of the Cyviz experience.

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