Meeting rooms

Standardized meeting rooms. Designed for the users.


Be in control of every meeting

Easy to use

A user interface that is intuitive to operate. With a simple touch controller your meeting will run smoothly.

Easy to support

Monitoring remotely and alerts will anticipate problems. Resolve issues through remote support.

Easy to manage

Designed to last and provide a consistent user experience.

Cyviz M solution

Cyviz M Solutions are designed for standard meeting rooms that don’t require advanced visualization and video processing equipment. This solution includes standard display technology such as LCD panels or projectors, a touch controller, and use the Cyviz Easy Platform for control and management


Intuitive to use, predictable to deploy and reduces total cost of ownership

Take control of a range of meeting and collaboration rooms with the Cyviz Easy Platform. We focus on providing an excellent user experience, independent of underlying, and ever-changing technology.

Organizations installing Cyviz will see a predictable deployment process and an efficient IT-driven set up. By enhancing the business value of collaboration, decreasing cost of support and reducing maintenance, you will experience happy users at every level in your organization.


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