Security Operations Centers design & best practices

The Security Operations Center (SOC) has become a more critical workspace than ever before. With cyber threats escalating, the prevention and detection of attacks have never been more important.

Organizations managing complex infrastructure and integrated systems, spread across facilities and regions, can protect sensitive data and mitigate risk of downtime by deploying a modern, future-proof security operations center. 


The Security Operations Center is tasked to:

An organization cannot stop all cyber-attacks. The best and most advanced security systems deployed at every endpoint can still fail at some point due to the continuous developments and the non-stop introduction of new threats. As a situation arises, operators must be able to quickly analyze and share information to decide on the appropriate course of action. 

Cyviz’ solutions are built around video walls or displays to visualize a variety of shared sources and applications to help teams collaborate. As an effect, the SOC team acquires real-time situational awareness that enables them to take immediate actions.

 A SOC is an important line of defense for any organization. The better equipped the SOC team is to make fast and informed decisions, the better they can protect the organization from cyber threats. 

Control room

Operations centers and control rooms designed for situational awareness and decision-making

The key elements of a SOC solution

Interoperable ecosystem

Standardized systems built on common IT principles and software help users adopt new solutions more easily. As quickly as new threats are introduced, new software and solutions arrive to protect against those are introduced. Ensuring systems are always available and up to date, can be the difference between being compromised or keeping the organization’s information safe.

People-first approach

The operators in a Security Operations Center or a control room depend on being agile and able to take swift action. With a simple and intuitive user interface  collaboration and interactions are effortless.  From an analysis of the threat scenario to identifying the appropriate course of action. With 24/7 operations and a constant readiness required, the user experience is key in demanding situations.

Forward-looking design

The design of the room where security operations happens is imperative and doesn’t only heighten efficiency and productivity of today, but should serve for many years ahead. Enabling introduction of new use cases and threat scenarios to be visualized and engaged with, demand a flexible and dynamic platform that isn’t limiting the options.

Cyviz has integrated the most critical elements and requirements when designing Security Operations Centers (SOC’s), helping customers deliver superior situational awareness and dynamic solutions for complex problems. 


About Us

Since 1998, Cyviz has designed and delivered solutions for world-class visualization and collaboration. Now, we bring you the integrated, dynamic and secure operations center. Delivering to the most demanding customers we have focused on mission-critical use cases where complex scenarios require supreme situational awareness. We design and deliver the visual aid and the user experience, required to empower security teams to identify, detect, protect and respond to cyber threats in real time. Our flexible and intuitive technology helps building spaces where data and information can be visualized, analyzed and interpreted to keep organizations safe. 

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