Thales UK chose Cyviz to transform its Service Desk and improve their meeting room experience

Thales HQ offices in Green Park, Reading.

The new Thales HQ offices in Green Park, Reading, were initiated in 2017 with the aim of uniting multiple offices into one new site. Thales’ Facilities department went out to the market to review the meeting room options available to them. Following a tender process, the Cyviz solution was deemed the best and most appropriate option from a technical and functional perspective. The scope was to initially to equip 20+ rooms, as well as designing and installing brand new rooms to a corporate standard. Thales CIO, Danny Green, was actively involved in the process and subsequently agreed to embark on an initiative to standardize the meeting room design across the UK. With a portfolio of 75+ rooms using videoconferencing, the timeline to accomplish the transition was approximately 2 to 3 years. Technology was the main driver, but the whole concept of meeting rooms was evaluated and scoped to look at furniture, cabling and everything in the rooms at the same time, in order to create the best possible user experience.

Thales chose Cyviz as a technology partner and the main platform to fulfil the needs of modernizing, standardizing and optimizing the meeting rooms and the user experience within Thales across the UK. Cyviz created standardized room designs with component options that were fit for purpose for specific room requirements. The idea was to adopt and embrace a standardized concept that would reduce support efforts required by the End User Support team (local support technicians). With the Service Desk resolving 99% of support cases remotely using the Cyviz Easy Server application, the onsite teams can now spend their valuable time on other, more complex issues.

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