The Dynamic control room for command and control environments

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Forgetting the legacy of static control rooms

Traditionally control rooms were designed with a single application in mind and assigned to a specific security level at a time; offering a limited flexibility to adapt to different scenarios. With new technology it is now possible to adopt solutions able to switch modes and security levels as the situation requires within one and the same environment. The dynamic control room by Cyviz is designed to adapt to staff accreditations and present content accordingly and move between pre-configured modes to enable classified sources when needed using the same system.

The dynamic control room by Cyviz is a multipurpose solution that is ideal for operation centers combining crisis and daily operations. It is an agile solution that optimizes space based on the current needs, so your incident response room can be used at all times and not only when the crisis hit.

Through the Cyviz Easy Controller software, Picture in Picture (PiP) windows can be scaled and moved dynamically across the wall in real time via individual pinch and zoom. When similar or recurring operations or sessions are in play, presets with selected combinations of content sources can be saved and displayed upon demand. This minimizes the time to configure a room and adapt to the operational situation within seconds.

An agile solution for multi-level security requirements

This flexible solution for command and control environments can only be achieved with complete compliance with the highest security requirements. The Cyviz team has extensive experience in designing, installing and deployment of the Cyviz Solutions within secure environments. Our solutions comply with the one-way-only video distribution and processing requirements found in environments with multiple security levels. Content from one security level can never be accessed from sources on a lower security level. Computer sources from different networks and with security classifications can be securely connected to the system so content from multiple sources can be combined into an optimal representation of mission-critical information, through one-way video to the wall.

A future-proof approach

When designing your next command and control room, you will need to select a solution able to fulfill needs of the coming 10 to 20 years. With the digital transformation well under way and with the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) picking up rapidly; organizations will require a future-proof command and control room that adapts to these new needs and will be a long-term investment.

Cyviz delivers dynamic control rooms solutions, designed for 24/7 environments that enable more powerful decision-making and supreme situational awareness in environments such as:

  • Joint Operations Centers (JOCs)
  • Air Operations Centers (AOCs)
  • Tactical Operations Centers (TOCs)
  • Cyber Security Operations Centers (CSOCs)
  • Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs)
  • Network Operations Centers (NOCs)

Cyviz has delivered to customers across industries, including energy, medical, financial and manufacturing.

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Evodie Fleury works as Product Marketing Manager at Cyviz. She has spent time working in technology across products, marketing and people for 7 years.