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Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC)

The Navy Warfare Development Command can now model realistic forces and determine if they need to modify their doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures to give an operational advantage.

Case Study Overview

The Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC) faced a challenge as they prepared to move into new headquarters at the Norfolk Naval Base. They needed state-of-the art collaboration tools, as well as command and control capabilities. This was a requirement for the 10,000 square foot Navy Center for Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NCAMS) facility. A demonstration at the Cyviz Technology Center (CTC) in Washington, D.C. convinced key decision makers that our solutions provided the technology edge.

The combination of our 24/7 Common Operating Environment (COE); user-friendly Cyviz Display Controller (CDC), superior image resolution and the Cyviz multi-purpose environment approach; resulted in the wide incorporation of our solutions. The NCAMS facility is part of the larger 85,000 square foot LEED-designed headquarters for the NWDC.

The Chief of Naval Operations established the NWDC in 1998 with almost 300 personnel to coordinate the development of concepts, policies, lessons learned and research in direct fleet support. As one of five core competencies, NCAMS provides cutting-edge training, experimentation and focused analysis, and NCAMS facility is the only one of its kind in the entire U.S. Navy. Modeling and simulation provides a cost efficient method of training naval forces through FST (Fleet Synthetic Training) with a globally networked modeling and simulation backbone for Navy exercises, such as the Sea Trial Program. This includes strategic studies, war games and dedicated events.

The NCAMS (Naval Center for Advanced Modeling and Simulation) of the NWDC selected two Cyviz solutions, a 6-Channel R609 for their theatre room and a 2-Channel F204 for their executive conference room. The 24-seat theatre room is located inside the modeling and simulation lab and serves as a VIP viewing area for naval simulation exercises. The 9.4 Megapixel high-resolution, 6-channel R609 measures 20 feet wide and over 7 feet high and allows for multiple windows to be displayed from any of the monitors in the lab on a stunning glass screen without bezel lines.

NWDC also has a 4.3 Megapixel high-resolution, 2-Channel front projected flexible screen F204 in the NCAMS director’s conference room. This enables the viewing of simulations and exercises in a smaller, more private environment. Both Cyviz solutions allow NWDC to conduct multiple video conferences with various levels of security while viewing data, live satellite feeds and other documents for true collaboration in a 24/7 environment. Having instant access to critical information results in more accurate decision making.

NWDC’s recommendations feed into the Navy’s Continuous Training Environment. NWDC can now model realistic forces, including U.S. and foreign ships, submarines and aircraft, and determine if they need to modify their doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures to give an operational advantage. This allows the Navy improvements in specific areas, through the collaboration with other organizations inside the Navy such as 2nd Fleet, Office of Naval Research (ONR) and NUWC (Naval Undersea Warfare Center) to improve the entire organization. With its state-of-the art technology and new space, the NWDC can now live up to its motto of ‘Game-Changing Innovations.’

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