Multipurpose collaboration

Serving multidisciplinary teams across different locations


Serving multidisciplinary teams across different locations

Connect multiple sources

True collaboration requires flexibility and quick transitions between content sources. Zooming in and out, switching content and progressing as a team. Sharing multiple sources simultaneously is vital.

Connect multiple locations

Participants will often join from remote locations in a collaboration session. The capability to add multiple video calls will enable full team participation and interaction.

Full interoperability

Today there are numerous applications for video conferencing. When third parties join there should be a seamless experience to join the meeting, regardless of what technology they use.

Built on the Easy Platform

The Cyviz Easy Platform is the core of any Cyviz space and the IT-driven design connects the different solutions; A, M and X. Cyviz Easy Server allows for centralized management and configuration, in addition to ability to resolve issues via remote support.


Predefined design model using pre-tested components

Cyviz A solution

Cyviz A solutions are designed for smaller rooms without need for direct user interaction via a touch panel. Share your content using a laptop and a browser interface. The rooms are controlled by automation and intelligence provided by the Cyviz Easy Controller software.

Cyviz M solution

Cyviz M Solutions are designed for standard meeting rooms that don’t require advanced visualization and video processing equipment. This solution includes standard display technology such as LCD panels or projectors, a touch controller, and use the Cyviz Easy Platform for control and management

Cyviz X solution

Cyviz X Solutions are high-performance solutions consisting of a large high-resolution display wall, a Cyviz Video Processor and the Cyviz Easy Controller system. These powerful solutions are typically used for comprehension of complex data, visual collaboration, multipurpose spaces, command & control, and advanced digital signage.



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